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Apr 20, 2019
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Kitchen quartzite counters a great choice

A kitchen is a place where some of the best experiments in the world happen, every day! A beautiful kitchen is a wonderful gift to a wife. Kitchens have greatly evolved over the years. Bulky wooden cabinets with Victorian looks are out of fashion, thanks to natural stone and solid surface cabinets for making their way into the kitchen space.

A modern kitchen is simple and utilitarian, but scores greatly on aesthetics and ergonomics. Natural stones are tough and beautiful, with vivid colors and features adding to the beauty of the modern kitchen.

Natural quartzite countertops are a great choice if you are planning to renovate your kitchen! Quartzite stones are highly durable and look fantastic with their calming colors and flow textures.

Simple hues for classy look

Compared to granites these stones have very less color variations such as white and grey, with black and brown tinges. But color variations do occur due to the chemical elements such as pink (iron), green (copper), pink, red, blue, green, yellow, or orange. Because of other excellent qualities quartzites cannot be easily dismissed based on limited color choices.

Natural quartzite countertops show strong character and look better when complemented with matching surroundings. Quartzite countertops take a glossy finish (metallic, in case of grey variants) giving a luxurious touch to your kitchen. Quartzite stones feature some of the beautiful textures and designs, making your kitchen look artistic.

Rugged beauty

Quartzites are the metamorphosed sandstones formed in the deep earth due to high temperature and pressure. They are harder than quartz, granites and even steel. But do not be mislead by these words as they can get scratches due to heavy blows or sharp objects. A quartzite countertop in your kitchen means you have something that can bear all odds the day and lasts for lifetime.

Flow patterns

You can read a natural stone’s story through its mineral patterns. Quartzite shows flow textures and great strength, which explains the tough conditions that led to its formation.

Tougher stone

Natural quartzite countertops are resistant to temperature, scratches, and stains. With proper care and maintenance they can look like new for years. Use sealer to prevent stains and scratches, and keep your quartzite in the best condition.

Worthy Buy

If you prefer quartzite over other natural stone countertops, be ready to spend a more. But you need not worry about the expenses, as these stones are maintenance-free, one-time investments. The stone easily captures everyone’s attention making them agree why it carried that price tag!

Natural quartzite countertops add value to your kitchen. Go timeless with your kitchen, use quartzite kitchen countertops.

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Apr 13, 2019
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Modern Kitchen Design

There are quite a variety of designs to select for your dining room look. Kitchen design has a portfolio of various attractive dining looks that may be the basic design for your ultimate room look. The design usually gives the outline of how your dining area will appear. However, the fine finishing remains as a matter of choice to the home owner. You need to consider a number of items when considering your kitchen design. These include:

The nature of your home: The nature of your home plays a vital role when it comes to kitchen designs. You should look at the adjoining rooms and let them guide you in settling on the most ideal dining design. The home needs a good flow and looking at the other rooms will help you make a sound decision. Synchronizing the cooking area along with the other rooms will help bring harmony in the home.

Your personal style: As a home owner, your ideal personal style has a say in the style from the kitchen design line-up that you will take up. It is good to remember that you and your family are the ones who will use this kitchen. The justice you can perform is in selecting a dining room that you will love to use and one that will inspire creativity in the dishes that you will prepare.

Your desired style: If you are uncertain of your personal style, you can settle on your desired style. Kitchen design has a large number of designs that you can select. All you need to do is look through the different styles available and settle on the one that seems desirable to your eyes. The team of designers will be able to offer you advice if the style you desire can be created in your home.

There are a couple of basic kitchen plans that are used as a guide to the final design. These plans include:

1. Straight design: This is usually used on small dining area. It usually has a single line of cabinets and working space.

2. Galley design: This is a walk through design with cabinets on two sides of the kitchen. It is also known as the corridor and is common in numerous apartments. It is also suitable for limited space room.

3. L-Shaped: This is a kitchen design with a single line of cabinets placed around a corner. They are ideal for limited spaces and also for open-plan rooms. The designs are however seen on cooking room larger than the Galley and Straight design.

4. U-shaped: This design has a U like shape counters and working space with one side of the kitchen open. This design needs a large area and is quite a flexible design. It offers a triangular like workflow of activities.

5. Open plan: This design has the kitchen as part of a larger room. There is a feeling that there is more space in the room. The plan usually has a counter bench on one or two sides to mark the area.

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George Spooner works for Top Kitchen Design. Top Kitchen Design offers the largest kitchen blueprint collection, photos, arts, tips and ideas including kitchenware and materials that you can have for your kitchen. For more information about our Modern Kitchen Design, please contact us on 020 3322 8918.

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Apr 2, 2019
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Kitchen Cabinet Design

I bought a new house last month and my wife was pretty concerned about the kitchen and wanted the kitchen to look perfect, so we went to a house remodeling store and the guy their told us that if we want our kitchen to look extra ordinary then we should focus on the kitchen’s cabinetry because the kitchen’s cabinetry is the most important feature of the kitchen which bring the over all looks together.

We started looking for a new stylish kitchen cabinet. The first thing that came into our minds was its design, we wanted it to make an statement on our guests while inspiring us as well. There were an endless number of designs to choose from. So we started looking for clues, got our heads in catalogues, the internet and asked our friends too. Doing all this research we came to know that the first thing that we needed to decide for kitchen cabinet design was that whether we wanted a metal kitchen cabinet or a classic wooden cabinet.

We decided to put up wooden cabinets in our kitchen because my wife and I thought that wood will give a more mature look to our kitchen and there were few disadvantages of metal cabinets that we came to know like they were noisy and sensitive to scratches.

Wood design seemed a risk free choice to us. Now we had to select between finished kitchen cabinet and unfinished kitchen cabinet. There were many designer styles that we could have chosen from but we decided to go for our own customized design, we searched the internet for inspiration and liked two or three cabinets. We put all of those three cabinet’s design together and made something new and explained it to our dealer. He liked it and took measurements according to our kitchen’s space.

Two weeks later our kitchen cabinet design showed up, when we put it together, we were pretty amazed to see that it was as good as we thought it would be.

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