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Aug 17, 2018
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Basic Kitchen Design

The L shaped and open design kitchens:

One of the best designs for a kitchen it the angular distribution, as it helps in creating a free and open area to install an island. This helps in maximizing the space within the kitchen. Wide countertops can be installed to maximize space. A minimum of 12 square meters is required. Furniture can be installed to one side of the wall and the rest of the space can be utilized well, adding an island or a bar in the kitchen.

For larger spaces you can have open design kitchens. These kitchens are designed with patterns that are specifically planned to connect with the office and at home, with the living room. A bar can be installed to separate the two. Ironing rooms, pantries, laundry space etc. too can be connected directly to the open design kitchens. All you require is adequate space to make such large kitchen designs. Open design kitchens are the latest trend followed by homemakers. The extra open space allows free movement to and from the kitchen and the rest of the rooms.

The U- shaped and parallel kitchen designs:

For some people the best kitchen design might be the U shaped design. This is achieved by using two furniture rows running parallel and connected towards the end by a sink. At least two meters of space is required for separating the rows, without its functionality being lost.

The parallel design is another kitchen distribution. These designs are located opposite each other and are installed on each of the walls in such a way that people can move around in the central area and work between both the countertops. As far as kitchen designs are concerned this is considered as one of the best ways to organize the kitchen, especially the one with reduced space. It becomes easier to communicate within the washing and cooking workplaces.

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Aug 10, 2018
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Current Trends in Kitchen Design

Recent headlines indicate that rooms that embrace new style trends in new home construction are kitchen and baths, the statement rooms in the home. Kitchens and baths are becoming more upscale as people adopt a certain level of luxury in these rooms. Interestingly, new kitchen designs focus on creating a space that is as functional and efficient as possible, yet provides a very welcoming area for the homeowner and guests. Six trends that have been observed in kitchen design themes include the following:

o Design the kitchen as an entertaining space since guests naturally desire to interact with the host during food prep.

o Design in softer color palette and “beachy” looks in cabinetry while adding different textures in flooring, and countertops to get a look that is high style and enduring.

o Adoption of contemporary designs that blend a classic cabinet design with a modern faucet, concrete countertop, metal-work backsplash, and accessories.

o Introduction of bold colors through the use of artwork, collectibles, or fabrics to give balance to the conservative neutral colors (think beige) that are common.

o Designing in different areas within the kitchen, such as a formal and informal dining area, prep station, cook station, and even a distinct cleaning station.

o Combining open storage with closed cabinet storage so the kitchen can function for day-to-day life.

Obviously, electrical appliances and kitchen islands play a big role in the above mentioned trends as consumers continue to demand a host of appliances that go beyond the dated “stove, fridge, and dishwasher” concept according to industry experts recently gathered in New York. Upscale kitchens are including multiples of appliances including double ovens, two dishwashers, dual refrigerator or freezer drawers that are only limited by space. Specialty appliances are also in demand such as espresso machines and built in coffee makers, warming drawers, undercounter beverage centers and wine storage units leading the pack. Finally demand for function is still present with the trend toward offering a myriad of storage options to better organize busy parents and de-clutter their home.

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Aug 4, 2018
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Semi-Custom Cabinets Offer Affordable Price

Take a good look around your kitchen. If you’re like most American homeowners there are several things you’d like to change about its functionality and appearance. And if you’re like most American homeowners, you’d rather make these changes than buy a new home.

“Decision number one with any kitchen remodeling project begins with the cabinetry. Cabinets and cabinet accessories set the tone and personality of the entire kitchen and in some cases, up to 60 percent of the remodeling budget may go towards cabinets,” said Connie Edwards, Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) for Timberlake Cabinet Company, Winchester, Va., one of the nation’s leading cabinet manufacturers.

“Today, many manufacturers offer semi-custom cabinet lines and coordinating accessories,” said Edwards. “These cabinet lines are quite popular with homeowners because you can specify sizes and interior fittings for a customized look at an affordable price.”

According to a National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) survey, nearly 30 percent of all cabinets chosen by homeowners are from semi-custom lines. “Semi-custom cabinets and accessory lines afford homeowners options not available with mass-produced stock cabinetry lines,” said Ed Pell, executive director of Kitchen & Bath Business, an industry trade publication. “Semi-custom lines offer many, many more design options and sizes. And most importantly, you get a customized look at a semi-custom price.”

To compliment semi-custom kitchen cabinets, many cabinet manufacturers also offer a range of decorative accessories. These accessories may include moldings for above and below the cabinets, valances for areas between cabinets, curved end panels and decorator doors.

Semi-custom cabinet accessories provide furniture quality accents and allow homeowners to create a variety of kitchen styles to match the decor of their home by blending with adjoining living areas. For example, roe moldings can be installed above wall cabinets to accent a crown molding and create a southwestern or country flair for the kitchen.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinet accessories also include open frame decorator door designs that accept glass inserts … countertop edge moldings … and counter supports which provide added design detail for today’s style-conscious kitchen remodelers. Counter supports can be used for open shelving and are great for island snack bars.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinents and cabinet accessories are typically available in oak, cherry, maple and other popular hardwoods. Choose a hardwood and a finish that reflects your style and taste. A finish that accents an existing favorite feature in your kitchen, like an appliance garage, cookbook rack, message center, bread box, wine rack or bookcase.

An added benefit which was not true of semi-custom cabinet lines a few year’s ago is that most are available for delivery within two to three weeks after an order is placed, compared to a typical order-to-delivery cycle of up to several months for fully custom made cabinets.

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