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Dec 10, 2017
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Wolf Classic Cabinets – within 3 days!

These cabinets are stocked and ship to our location within 3 days.  View them at and just go to the Cabinetry section, or you can call us to schedule an appointment to view our Showroom located in Cornelius NC. We can be reached at (704) 232-5169, LKN Cabinets.

Wolf Classic Cabinets offer a combination of style and affordability, Wolf Classic has become one of America’s most popular cabinetry lines. Cabinets are available in 14 of today’s most popular door styles and finish combinations, including the upscale look of paints and glazes at no additional charge. A broad selection of SKUs, accessories and mouldings means Wolf Classic cabinets will make any design as beautiful as it is affordable. Wolf Classic is a trusted choice for cabinetry. It’s backed by a five-year warranty, which is better than any other cabinetry line at this price, so you can buy with confidence.

Oct 22, 2017
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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Kitchen cabinets help to organize dry and can foods, spices, ingredients, appliances, utensils, dishes, etc. Most kitchen cabinets are sold through cabinet dealers and showrooms, home improvement centers, lumberyards and some kitchen appliance stores.

Kitchen cabinets can be as basic as wooden boxes and as advanced as modular units. They can be custom made or purchased as stock cabinets that are manufactured in standard sizes.

Most manufacturers offer base and wall cabinets in widths ranging from 9 inches to 48 inches at 3-inch increments. Upper cabinet heights run 12, 18 and 24 inches for over sinks and stoves and 30, 36 and 42 inches for above counters. In addition to offering many sizes, manufacturers also offer a wide variety of style and finishes from contemporary laminates to traditional hardwoods like oak and cherry. Most companies also offer several finishes on natural woods and offer standard modifications to their cabinets at an additional cost.

There are basically two kinds of kitchen cabinets — face frame and frameless. Almost 80% of the cabinets made by American manufacturers are face-framed. The front edge of a face-framed cabinet is made from hardwood; whereas, frameless European-style cabinets are made of panels finished on both sides and edged with a simple laminate banding.

Installation of kitchen cabinets is fairly easy and many dealers offer installation either by their own personnel or by independent installers. People well versed with woodwork can install their kitchen cabinets on their own and save some money.

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Sep 21, 2017
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Determining the Function of your Kitchen

From the past few years, a kitchen has become a central part of a house where the whole family gathers, eats and various household chores take place. As it has become so important, it should be designed keeping all factors in mind especially space and storage. Even if you know exactly what your kitchen must look like, building space is quite a feat.

How many cabinets will you need? How much storage options you can install without compromising with current space? What do you need to store in those cabinets and drawers? Whether you are up for remodelling or just reorganizing? All of these questions need to be asked before hammering a nail. Some of the guesswork can be eliminated with ways listed below:

  • Determining Functions of your Kitchen

The kitchen is the area where you have to work on each and every detail so that you can make use of every inch of space and that can be done from the starting. Decide different cabinet’s functions on its closeness to other appliances. Once you have made your decision to keep your big appliances exactly where you want, you can figure out what your cabinets are going to hold: dishes, spices or wine.A smart kitchen master always knows where to keep spices or other daily useful items. If you have silver drawers, they are easy to clean when placed near the dishwasher and sink. Spices kept in a drawer near to the cooktop can help in cooking way faster. Items that not needful, can be placed in a cabinet far from prep area or where cooking takes place.

Make use of storage inserts and organizers to make the purpose of each drawer and cabinet crisp and clear. For storing spoons, ladles, servers, etc. you can use various organizers. Also, you can leverage upon sponge trays, silverware organizers and trash pullouts as they are quite helpful. Always keep in mind, while installing cabinets and drawers, you can mix and match items whenever you feel like.

  • Drawer or Cabinet?

Whenever you are remodelling your kitchen with a motive to make it spacious, you need to see whether your kitchen is big or small. Professional architects and interior designers prefer using deep, wide drawers as they are more useful than cabinets. They allow making use of entire space and depth. Pulling a drawer is more comfortable instead of lowering down or climbing up to reach a cabinet. But that’s not the case always!If your kitchen is already spacious, you can build bigger cabinets to store expensive cookware or appliances that you do not use in daily routine. You can also opt for deep drawers. Whereas if you own smaller kitchen, a cabinet would be perfect instead of a drawer. Here, you can install sleek and narrow drawers to keep table linens and nice silverware plates.

To occupy every space whether it be beside a refrigerator or below the counter, adding a drawer or a small cabinet can contribute in giving more space to store. Opt for a kitchen cabinet design which suits your requirements and storage needs.

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