Apr 19, 2019
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Consider cultured Stone Fireplace Makeover

Having an outdated fireplace can make a room lose the class and sophistication the fireplace should be adding. A focal point such as a fireplace should reflect the style of a room while inspiring awe. Re-facing an old outdated fireplace with natural stone can be all the room needs to restore the “wow” factor. With all the styles, colors, and patterns of various stone types, finding a match for the decor of the room will be a breeze.

Options for fireplace stone include granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, and limestone. These options have different benefits for each style and a specialist in natural stone fireplaces can help determine the right choice for the room. Prices and maintenance also vary between stone styles. Fireplaces with stone fronts can also contain added embellishments such as carvings or ornate mantles. Whether the preferred style of the room where the fireplace resides is modern or classic Italian, French, or Greek, a stone front fireplace can complement it.

Remodeling a fireplace can be a difficult undertaking and not considered a do-it-yourself project to undertake. Destruction of the old facade is needed without causing structural damage to the fireplace itself. After this step, a wire support net, called metal lath needs to be applied so as to help the mortar/adhesive for the new stone to adhere properly. Other necessary tools and supplies of mortar, trowel, masonry hammers, and angle grinders are also necessary tools.

Professional installation is always an option. A natural stone professional can help guide the homeowner through all necessary steps of the remodel. From conception to construction and everything in between, a professional will be the most useful tool during a re-facing of a fireplace.

By updating an old fireplace with a new natural stone look, the warmth of the room will be returned. Fires in the fireplace will once more be a family occasion, instead of being avoided. Families will reconvene in the home on chilly autumn evenings to talk in front of the fireplace.

For more information and guidance about granite, marble, engineered quartz, soapstone, and other natural stone materials, visit http://www.northstargranitetops.com . Northstar Granite Tops is a custom fabricator and installer of kitchen and bar countertops, bath vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, table tops and more.

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Apr 18, 2019
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Fireplace Stone Veneer

A fireplace adds warmth to your home and an elegant touch to a room, but it doesn’t always reflect your personal style. You can fix that with a stone veneer fireplace.

A fireplace provides heat for our rooms, but also is an architectural element in a room that must be addressed when remodeling and redecorating. Typically built into walls, they are traditionally not movable, meaning you can’t reposition them in your room. Instead you must find a way to incorporate them into your design.

Just look in home design magazines and catalogs for fireplace ideas. The pictures will inspire you and the captions near the photos will help educate you about the many options available to you. Veneer comes in many styles and designs and can be installed easily.

Installation isn’t terribly difficult and can be accomplished by those with a DIY attitude. However, you may want to consider professional installation of your new stone veneer fireplace.

Stone veneer panels can be purchased in sheets like siding locally or purchased online. The site or salesman can give you ideas about what to use in your home or how to do it yourself. The manufactured stone veneer come in ranges from thin to thick, can be real stone or fake. It can be natural stone or whatever you like. It can even be brick. Additionally you can buy it for interior or exterior applications. You will need to find out what works best for your situation. You can use it over brick or other surfaces. When you get your veneer home, before installation, be sure and keep it stacked flat so as not to break it.

A variety of finishes can be applied to stone veneer to achieve diverse architectural and aesthetic effects

Prices range from very expensive on down. You can even look for molds online or locally if you feel like really undertaking a project. This is not recommended because the application of a veneer panel is much easier to accomplish if it has been manufactured correctly. Slight variances in cement mixtures can wreak havoc on your project very quickly. Installing these siding type products is much easier then installing your own!

If you decide to install it yourself rather than letting a professional assist you, be sure and have 2 or 3 people handy for lifting and positioning. You simply can’t do this alone. Your local salesman can give you more information about the right adhesive to use for your situation. You can still order online. Just be sure and use a reputable company if you do buy from a website, one that will allow you to return your purchase if you aren’t happy with the color or quality. You’re doing all this so you will love your new fireplace, not be stuck with a different fireplace.

Fireplaces are relaxing and appealing, and tend to reflect a sense of tradition because central heat and air manage the heating of our homes. That being said they do provide a tremendous value that surpasses their original necessity. They give us a feeling of comfort and security. Make yours also fit your style with a stone veneer fireplace surround and you’re in business!

Kevin Weber is an expert on fireplace accessories [http://www.fireplaceaccessorieshome.com/]. He shares his thoughts on his site where you can read about stone veneer fireplace [http://www.fireplaceaccessorieshome.com/stone-veneer-fireplace/] options and other fire related topics.

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Apr 18, 2019
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Fireplace Makeover Tips

deally, your fireplace and mantel system should complement the design of your home as a mantel is frequently the key focal point of a room, if not the entire home. We like to think of a mantel surround as a three-sided picture frame and the brick, stone or tile fireplace facing that surrounds the fireplace opening can be thought of as a mat inside the frame. For the last 30-odd years, fireplaces were commonly built with a simple brick facade (facing) and there may not have even been a mantel or, if there was a mantel, it might be a simple frame mantel or a mantel shelf that needs a makeover. Fireplaces like this let you start with a clean slate to design a look you like and one that fits with the decor of your home!

When considering replacing or upgrading your mantel we suggest you also look at renewing the fireplace facing, too. As shown in most images of fireplace mantel systems, wood mantels that surround wood-burning fireplaces typically have a non-combustible facing (e.g., tile, brick, stone, marble or granite,) which completes the design from an aesthetic as well as a safety point of view. Most damaged, chipped, stained, outdated or uninspired fireplace facings can easily be removed or covered with something more appealing and when coordinated with a new mantel you can truly design your space!

Fire codes vary across the country but most require five to six or more inches of non-combustible facing between the opening of a wood-burning firebox and the leg of a wood mantel and codes usually call for ten to twelve inches of non-combustible facing between the top of the opening of a wood-burning fireplace and the bottom of a wood mantel header. In addition to facing on the wall around a fireplace opening, wood-burning fireplaces require a non-combustible hearth that extends outward 18 to 20 inches in depth from the fireplace and 8 or more inches to either side of the fireplace opening. Always check local building codes regarding minimum clearances!

Note that gas or electric Fireplaces typically usually require less facing on the wall around the opening than wood-burning fireplaces and the fireplace owner’s manual (or its manufacturer) can provide minimum clearance information. (Clearance information is sometimes detailed on a tag or sticker attached to the fireplace itself.) TIP: For optimum aesthetic appeal we recommend that gas or electric fireplaces also have several inches of facing between the fireplace opening and the mantel and a stone hearth on the floor under the mantel! This will help it look more like a natural, wood burning fireplace.

Granite Fireplace Facing is popular because of the variety of colors available and because it is much more durable than most marbles or ceramic tiles. Additionally, granite is much more stain resistant that other stones and it can bring a luxurious, color-coordinated design to your home! Popular granite facing colors include: absolute black, tan brown, sparkling pebble verde and golden sand, and there are others, as well.

Full granite slabs (vs. 9″ x 9″ or 12″ x 12″ tiles) are preferred by most homeowners and interior decorators and designers since full slabs provide a customized fireplace facing system without the need for individual tile fitting and grouting seams that you have with square tiles. Most granite facing kits are available in at least two sizes and custom cutting services are usually offered for proper sizing! Standard facings sets typically include four pieces, a Header, two Legs’ and a large Hearth for the floor. Optional Risers are also available, too, for use in situations where the bottom of your fireplace opening is raised above the floor/hearth.

How do you install granite fireplace facing? For an entire fireplace facelift many homeowners will simply use construction adhesive (one specifically labeled for masonry applications) to apply new marble, granite or stone facing right on top of the existing brick. Others will remove some of or the entire existing surface before installing new facing stone. After the new fireplace facing is in place you can install a new wood mantel on the wall. Most mantels are designed to overlap the outside edges of a stone facing for a clean/professional installation and for an updated and truly designed look!

Many mantel sources offer multiple wood fireplace mantel designs, usually broken down into collections based on general pricing guidelines, priced from $400 to $2000 or more. Mantels can usually be ordered in your choice of wood (suitable for painting, like Poplar or Birch,) or if you prefer to see the natural beauty of wood grain, you can get many mantels in furniture grade Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, or Oak woods. You sometimes have your choice, too, of ordering your mantel either unfinished (for finishing on site during or after installation) or for a modest increase, many on line retailers will professionally finish your mantel at the factory with a wide selection of finish colors.

Some retailers offer only standard sizes but the best sites will also offer custom sizes to accommodate the width, height and depth of your stone facing. The outside edges of the facing are typically overlapped/covered by the inside edges of the wood mantel and any remaining space between the facing and the back of the leg is neatly and professionally concealed after installing the scribe molding that is included with the mantel.

You can be assured that your mantel will fit, if you go with a reputable company that provides a line dimensioned drawing of your custom mantel before charging you or starting to build your mantel. Nearly Twenty Years of experience have helped Design The Space develop a nearly infallible system of designing and building properly sized mantels for our clients. If you provide us all the requested fireplace dimensions we will guarantee that we will design a mantel to fit your space!

If your fireplace is different and doesn’t seem to match up with any “regular” illustrations fill out the form as best you can, and submit a few photographs. As we all know, a picture can say 1000 words! We have built mantels for nearly every situation and would be happy to work with you on your project as there is likely a variety of mantel design solutions for your unique fireplace.

Our Mantels are shipped in one carton and are easily installed! Our wood mantels arrive in one carton, in three main pieces (two legs and a shelf/header assembly.) We also include three lengths of scribe molding to finish the interior perimeter of the wood mantel with a very clean and professional look, to neatly conceal any gap that there might be between the back of the mantel leg and the front of the facing.

What about any trends??? There are a few! Many are now coordinating a fireplace mantel design with a Flat Panel Television installation. In many homes, a mantel design might include additional woodwork on the wall above the main mantel, usually called an Overmantel. An over-mantel is actually just a second mantel installed above the main fireplace mantel, built to either identical dimensions or sometimes narrower and either shorter or taller than the main mantel below. Some people finish the inside of an Overmantel with a mirror while others simply let their wall show through the opening.

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