Jul 28, 2018
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Top Apps For Kitchen Design

Who doesn’t love a well-planned and organised, furnished home? The kitchen is such a part of your home where you have cabinets, floors, countertops, appliances along with many other things to manage. A well-designed modular kitchen not only enhances the interior beauty of your home but also makes your lifestyle much easier. This article would give you a list of a few Android applications that would give you amazing design ideas for your kitchen. Get unique ideas and remodel your kitchen.

#1 Homify
Looking for excellent ideas for the home design? Get this Homify application on your phone for free and explore a range of entire home as well as kitchen design ideas. More than 1.5 million photos of the different kitchen and home environments are available in this app. Suppose that you are exploring the library of photos and liking some ideas to apply on your kitchen or home. How to remember those particular photos in millions of options? Homify has option favourites, where you can save the photos you like. This app offers some smart tricks and tips for home designing.

#2 Home Design 3D
This is an application for the general home design that means you can design your kitchen as well using this app. With the help of Home Design 3D, you can create 3D spaces meeting your specifications. Now, you can build, decorate or customise the created space like the way you want. How is this app useful? Well, the 3D view would give you a better idea and you can carry out your ideas and can make sure whether your plan is perfectly working within the space you have or not!

#3 Houzz
New ideas with shopping option – that is a deadly combination that Houzz offers to its users. Along with more than millions of photos, this application gives inspiration and ideas to design your kitchen. More interestingly, Houzz has the feature of ‘My Room’ using which you can design your own dream room. In this way, you can check whether any particular appliance or furniture would fit the room space you have or not. Moreover, you can shop necessary home decor items from a range of available products.

#4 Kitchen Design Ideas
As the name of the app implies, to get brilliant design ideas for your kitchen, you can get this app on your phone for free. Tropical, contemporary, modern etc. varieties of theme-based kitchen design ideas are available on this application. When you are running out of ideas how to make a perfect kitchen, this application would become very helpful.

Other than all the above-mentioned apps, Planner 5D, Magicplan are some other popular apps that would help you get impressive design ideas for your kitchen.

Rob Stephen is a skilled and professional senior app developer of GetAProgrammer, one of the leading app development companies in Australia. He guided many app development projects involving creative and unique ideas. For more news and information, follow the LinkedIn page of GetAProgrammer.

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Jul 27, 2018
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Kitchen Pantry Add-ons

There are two very important options that should be considered in every large kitchen pantry cabinet design. Although these options may initially cost a little extra, they will be well worth having and will add a particular amount of resale value to your home. I’ve been fabricating custom cabinetry for many years. Hands down, these two designs have been the most popular choices of our customers.

Just Roll-Out Shelves
Without all of the complicated tall swing-out tiers, just adding roll-out shelves to your pantry design is an economical way of improving the functionality of this cupboard’s design. The units generally get installed from the floor up to about sixty inches in height. The number of pull-out drawers will depend upon your particular needs and budget.

Ideally, it’s good to mix up the heights of where the slide-outs are placed. This allows for various sized grocery items like small cans, tall cans, potato chip bags, cooking oils and sugar to be kept in the pantry drawer that is best suited to the item’s size.

One of the most important questions to ask your cupboard manufacturer is; “will the doors swing FULLY out of the way so the drawers will not come near them at all?” Sometimes manufactures do not allow enough clearance for the drawers to sufficiently miss the doors. What happens is people get in a hurry and do not notice that the door is not open far enough when they are pulling the drawer out. Over the course of time-small nicks form in the pantry cabinet doors from where the drawers hit them. It’s best to request that one hundred and twenty degree hinges be installed on the doors. This will ensure that they are completely out of the way when the drawers are being pulled out.

Tall Slide Out Baskets Units
These types of accessories generally come with adjustable baskets. There are several different basket heights to choose from. You want to get a full-height sliding unit. The main component extends from forty eight inches (48″) to about sixty inches (60″) in height. The upgrades are generally available in a number of different finishes, including chrome and white. The Hafele cabinet accessories company is one of the major suppliers of these pantry slide-out units.

You can also order tall pull-out units prefabricated or have them custom built out of wood. These designs will not have the fancy baskets, but would rather be designed having fixed or adjustable shelves.

What really makes an outstanding kitchen pantry design is when pull-out drawers get combined with a tall slide-out basket or shelf unit. The slide out baskets go to the right or left of the cupboard and the roll-out drawers on the other side. This is ideal for a pantry area that is larger than thirty eight inches in width.

  • Bonus Tip: Two tall pantry doors that are designed one on top of the other can be strapped together on the back of the doors. This makes the operation of opening the doors a lot nicer since they will both open at the same time. The only catch here is that there must be enough room for the brackets to miss any fixed shelves that may be located in the same area.

The remaining height of the pantry design, over the sixty inch mark, usually has a fixed shelf. Most standard tall cabinets are only seventy eight inches high. This makes a nice storage area for tall vases or drinking pitchers.

If you are in the process of designing a new kitchen, consider including as many drawers and pantries as possible. One of the nicest cupboard designs I ever made was an entire wall of pantry cabinets that extended about ten feet in length. That was years ago and the customer, who is a friend of mine, to this day still raves about how much they love having all of that storage space in the kitchen.

For more information about special features for pantries, check out this link for Kitchen Pantry Design.

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Jul 26, 2018
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Basic Dimensions for Kitchen Design

I’ve been fabricating kitchen cabinets for over thirty years. There are standard dimensions that suppliers use. These sizes are the accepted norm for the cupboard manufacturing industry.

Kitchen Cupboard Widths
Most suppliers work on a three-inch incrementally progressive scale for widths. Base and uppers start at nine inches (9″) wide and progress to twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty one and so on… until they reach forty-eight inches (48″) wide.

Base Cabinet Standards
The lower cupboards in the kitchen are always thirty-four inches and one-half inch (34-1/2″) high. This is the correct height that corresponds with standard appliance dimensions. The height of the dishwasher and range should always be taken into consideration when any alterations to the base cabinets are being made during the installation process.

The correct depth is twenty-four inches (24″) to the face-frame. The overall depth is twenty-four and three quarters inches (24-3/4″) over the doors. A standard countertop should be installed at twenty-five and one quarter inches (25-1/4″) deep. This will produce a one-half inch (1/2″) overhang from the face of the base cabinet door to the front edge of the countertop.

Whenever there is a desk area in the kitchen, a vanity cupboard should be selected that is thirty inches high and twenty-one inches deep. The width of the boxes still works on the progressive three-inch scale. Some production faculties make twenty-four inch deep desk base-cupboards.

Toe Base
The toe-kick area of the base cabinet is generally set back three inches from the face of the door. The heights can vary from four to six inches.

Knee Space or Lap Drawers
The heights of these can vary from company to company. The dimensional ranges fall between four inches high and six inches. The standard widths generally start at twenty-one inches and progress to forty-eight wide. These desk/pencil drawer sections can be purchased in twenty-one and twenty-four inch depths.

Kitchen Wall Upper Cabinet Dimensions
The range hood and refrigerator cabinets start at twelve inches high and progress in three inch (3″) increments.

Standard height uppers begin at thirty inches (30″) high and increase to forty-eight. The normal incremental increase is by six inches (6″). The wall cupboard height increase like this: 30>36>42>48.

The standard depth dimension for a kitchen cabinet “upper” is twelve inches. Some companies sell sixteen inch deep wall cabinets.

Tall Kitchen Pantry Type Cupboards
Eighty-four, ninety, ninety-three and ninety-six inches seem to be the norm for kitchen pantry cupboard height dimensions. The widths will start at twelve inches and move upward to forty-eight wide. The depth of the pantry cabinets will start at twelve and progress in three inch increments.

The best thing to do is select the cabinet brand that you want to order from and then see what they have available for kitchen cupboard dimensions. Although I have listed the industry standards, every company will have their own set of sizes.

If you would like more details on prefab cupboard sizes go here: Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions. You will also find many videos and articles about kitchen fabrication and remodeling.

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