May 23, 2017
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Kitchen Cabinet Design

Nothing refreshes the look of a kitchen more than new kitchen cabinets. The crisp, clean lines and shiny hardware draw the eye and tie the whole room together. But there are so many options-how does a homeowner know what to choose? Here are some tips to help anyone pick out the perfect cabinetry for their home.

First Things First

Before a homeowner begins picking out new kitchen cabinets, he or she should know the exact layout of the kitchen. Measurements should be taken, and an overall design theme should be chosen. This will make the ordering process much more streamlined. Standard lower cabinets should be 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall, while upper cabinets are usually at least 12 inches deep and 18 inches above the counter. However, these measurements are only a guideline and can be customized.

Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom

Kitchen cabinets can be ordered three ways: stock, semi-custom, or custom. Stock varieties come as-is and are the most affordable options. They may come assembled or in a package to be assembled by the homeowner. Semi-custom means buyers have a few additional options when they are ordering that will give them more flexibility, but they are still restricted to what is already available. Custom options are designed especially for the homeowner and can be adjusted to fit any configuration.

Framed vs. Frameless

Standard cabinets are usually framed, meaning that the door and drawers are attached to a front frame. However, European, or frameless cabinetry, has been rising in popularity in recent years. In this option, the door and drawers are fastened directly to the box. The lack of a front face can lead to reduced strength of the structure, so experts recommend avoiding cheap materials such as particle board and instead using more substantial wood.

Door Styles

There are a number of different door styles, from traditional Shaker to flat to doors with glass panels. The door style will make a significant impact on the overall style of the kitchen. Consider flat doors for a minimalist look or Shaker for a more traditional feel. Custom molding and different finishes can be added to existing doors to create an even more personalized look.

Built-In Accessories

A number of accessories can be integrated into cabinetry to customize it. Designs tend to change based on technical trends. For instance, homeowners today often design built-in charging stations that will keep electronics off of the counter. Appliances such as heavy mixers or coffee pots can be placed on lift-up shelving that is hidden behind doors. Other popular trends include pullout trash cans, doors that open with a touch, and integrated LED lighting.

In order to get the best value for their money, homeowners should focus on the quality of materials and construction over desired features. Avoid over-customizing, as some features can be so personalized as to damage resale value. However, well-done construction will always be a sound investment.

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May 23, 2017
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Replacement Cabinets the Best Option

Kitchen is a place that you would love to be in especially when you like cooking. People who have an obsession for cooking might spend much of their time in their kitchen and at the same time might want the necessary accessories to be kept in a specific way to help the cooking process. People who want to cook but might not like to do that might need to have alluring kitchens that could motivate them to cook. Whatever the case may be but the necessity to have a beautiful, modern and efficient kitchen is critical.

When you are looking forward to economical measures to fix the kitchen, the best thing to do is fixing the kitchen cabinets. Let’s realize that 75% of the kitchen is filled with kitchen cabinetry. If you take care of the kitchens cabinets by the end of it you will not need to do anything else, and you would have a fresh look. remodeling the kitchen cabinets is not a good idea if you are planning to remodel the kitchen. The RTA kitchen cabinets are any day a better option.

The RTA cabinets are worth buying because of the class and style they add into the kitchens. You just require to choose from the numerous kinds that are available in RTA cabinets and provide a fresh touch to the kitchen without getting labor. There is a huge variety of wooden cabinets offered that are extremely cheap. The ready to assemble cabinets are one of the highly sought after varieties in the market. While you would select from the wood kitchen cabinets or another variety under this item, you may get any thing that you would need to assemble the materials into a useful kitchen cabinet, just by following the guidelines provided to the user in the manual.

The popularity of the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is as a result of the fact that customers do not have the time to make cabinets to suit the requirements. People go for either refacing or the RTA cabinets to fix the kitchen. Clearly, the ready to assemble cabinets have an advantage that it further reduces the dependency factor. For remodeling you may require help where as the RTA cabinets with the manual is self-sufficient. Secondly, the chance of the old wood to have gone bad or to go bad in couple of months is high. Risking your investment when getting the refacing done is not great. By using the RTA kitchen cabinets you are going for a complete make over rather than just installing temporary fixes which may seem cost effective today but would cost you a great deal in the long term.

In addition to this, most of the interior designers have began to use the RTA kitchen cabinets to acquire great result in the minimum time possible. There is an awesome genre of RTA cabinets – kitchen wood cabinets you could choose from to go with the present set up in the kitchen.

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May 19, 2017
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Creating Efficient Kitchen Layout

From the past few years, a kitchen has become a central part of a house where the whole family gathers, eats and various household chores take place. As it has become so important, it should be designed keeping all factors in mind especially space and storage. Even if you know exactly what your kitchen must look like, building space is quite a feat.

How many cabinets will you need? How much storage options you can install without compromising with current space? What do you need to store in those cabinets and drawers? Whether you are up for remodelling or just reorganizing? All of these questions need to be asked before hammering a nail. Some of the guesswork can be eliminated with ways listed below:

  • Determining Functions of your Kitchen

The kitchen is the area where you have to work on each and every detail so that you can make use of every inch of space and that can be done from the starting. Decide different cabinet’s functions on its closeness to other appliances. Once you have made your decision to keep your big appliances exactly where you want, you can figure out what your cabinets are going to hold: dishes, spices or wine.A smart kitchen master always knows where to keep spices or other daily useful items. If you have silver drawers, they are easy to clean when placed near the dishwasher and sink. Spices kept in a drawer near to the cooktop can help in cooking way faster. Items that not needful, can be placed in a cabinet far from prep area or where cooking takes place.

Make use of storage inserts and organizers to make the purpose of each drawer and cabinet crisp and clear. For storing spoons, ladles, servers, etc. you can use various organizers. Also, you can leverage upon sponge trays, silverware organizers and trash pullouts as they are quite helpful. Always keep in mind, while installing cabinets and drawers, you can mix and match items whenever you feel like.

  • Drawer or Cabinet?

Whenever you are remodelling your kitchen with a motive to make it spacious, you need to see whether your kitchen is big or small. Professional architects and interior designers prefer using deep, wide drawers as they are more useful than cabinets. They allow making use of entire space and depth. Pulling a drawer is more comfortable instead of lowering down or climbing up to reach a cabinet. But that’s not the case always!If your kitchen is already spacious, you can build bigger cabinets to store expensive cookware or appliances that you do not use in daily routine. You can also opt for deep drawers. Whereas if you own smaller kitchen, a cabinet would be perfect instead of a drawer. Here, you can install sleek and narrow drawers to keep table linens and nice silverware plates.

To occupy every space whether it be beside a refrigerator or below the counter, adding a drawer or a small cabinet can contribute in giving more space to store. Opt for a kitchen cabinet design which suits your requirements and storage needs.

No kitchen can look modern and stylish unless it has got fitted cabinets of quality. So, get experts on board for amazing kitchen cabinet interior finishes and transform the visual appeal of the interior.

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