Oct 17, 2009
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Small Kitchen Remodeling – Five Great Tips!


Typically, you would find in most books and magazines tips, advice and stories of large kitchen remodeling. Rarely would you find one that talks about small kitchen remodel. While it is true that you have certain freedoms with larger kitchen spaces it doesn’t mean that there is nothing much to do with your small kitchen space.

What are the things that we have to consider when we are remodeling a small kitchen space? Here are some tips that may be useful to you in rearranging or renovating your small kitchen area:

1. Use common layouts for small kitchen spaces

For kitchens which are usually longer than wider in space or even if the space is square-shaped, there is still something you can do to remodel or change the layout of your kitchen space.

Your layout options would be one-wall, galley/corridor, U-shaped, and L-shaped. Although a kitchen island is the latest trend, you cannot have one with such a small space. It is not just appropriate and it will only make your kitchen area look even smaller.

2. Check out your big appliances

Are you sure you want big appliances? Some appliances eat up a lot of space and with such limited space you would want to maximize everything. You cannot do that if you will not clean up and trade those chunky appliances wit something smaller and yet with the same functionality.

3. Identify your priorities

Make sure that you know what you want as against what you really need. Yes sometimes it is nice to have some things that will really beautify your kitchen but it is something that you really need? With limited options, you have to know how to set your priorities.

4. Make use of old cabinetry

When you remodel your kitchen, you don’t have to spend so much. Think of old and unused cabinets that you can re-use for storage. You just need some cleaning and repainting and there you have like a brand new cabinet.

5. Bigger and lighter

Use larger tiles for the flooring because this will create a bigger space look. Couple this with the application of lighter colors around when you have your small kitchen remodel in your own house. Lighter colors radiate more brightness giving that bigger space effect.

In small kitchen remodels, one great benefit is that you can do it yourself. It is manageable and of course less expensive. Most oftentimes you just have to sort things out and throw things that are clearly of no use at all.

Trading is also an option for appliances that are nice to have but not appropriate anymore for small kitchen spaces. Whatever it is that you will do when you have decided to remodel your small kitchen, just remember all the tips that are mentioned above for a better looking and more functional kitchen.Vincent has been writing articles for nearly 2 years. Come visit his latest website over at http://www.apronfrontkitchensink.net/ which helps people find the best apron front kitchen sink and information they are looking when doing kitchen remodeling.

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Oct 17, 2009
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Add Color Accents to Your Kitchen Remodel


The kitchen is the one room in a house that many homeowners take the liberty to be creative and bold when it comes to the design when performing a home remodel. There are numerous themes and colors that fit perfectly in the kitchen and many homeowners use this room to show their truly creative side. One way for a homeowner to show their creative side and throw their own personality into the design is by adding color accents throughout the entire kitchen remodel. The colors used throughout the kitchen can reflect the homeowner’s personality as well as their style.

When it comes to adding color throughout the kitchen, there are numerous different options. The first and most obvious option when it comes to adding color is painting the walls throughout the kitchen. The walls are one of the most obvious focal points in the kitchen, therefore this is a great place to add color and style. The wall color can be subtle with light yellows and greens or bolder with reds and oranges. The color of the wall should accent the rest of the kitchen design, meaning if a lot of color is used in other accessories throughout the kitchen then subtle colors would look best on the walls so as to not overpower the rest of the design.

Another way to incorporate design and color into the kitchen is by updating the cabinet hardware when performing a remodel of the kitchen. The hardware on the cabinets is an important accessory in the kitchen and it is important that the cabinet handles match the rest of the kitchen design. Hardware for the kitchen cabinets comes in numerous different styles and colors. The finishes for the cabinet knobs and handles range anywhere from polished brass and antique iron to oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel. Installing new hardware on the cabinets not only adds style and color to the kitchen, but it also makes the cabinets look new without the cost of installing brand new cabinets.

In addition to the hardware on the cabinets there are other subtle accessories throughout the kitchen that can reflect the homeowner’s personality and style. Other kitchen hardware such as the faucets and lighting fixtures in the kitchen are another way for homeowners to show style and color in the kitchen. When choosing these particular accessories to finish out the kitchen design, it is important that they reflect the overall design of the kitchen and match the other hardware that is used. If stainless steel knobs are used on the kitchen cabinets than a stainless steel sink faucet is the best bet, along with stainless steel lighting fixtures.

When performing a remodel in any room throughout the house there are a lot of different ways for homeowners to throw in their own personality and style. The colors that a homeowner chooses in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other room in the house are a great way to add style and enforce a theme in that particular room.

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Oct 16, 2009
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Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen remodeling never fails to ranks a good spot among the most rewarding home improvements any homeowner could undertake whether to enhance quality of living or boost New York home value. But these tempting benefits also entail a lot of risks that if not carefully handled could end up with a disastrous finish and a broke homeowner, and that can be you. For any home improvement to be a success, it takes quality products and craftsmanship and as we know these comes for a cost and a good one at that. So whether you are in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island or Brooklyn; know the ways to save on your kitchen remodel without busting the budget and cutting corners.

1.      See Beyond the Initial Costs When undertaking a kitchen remodel, the initial cost that you would have to squeeze out may seem overwhelming. But if you look beyond and see the long term benefits, you’ll realize that all the costs would be worth it and can even prove profitable with the good boost on home value that you’ll get. Keep this idea in mind whenever you have to spend throughout the project. Whether shopping for supplies or hiring contractors, weigh carefully the cost versus the long-term value.

2.      Do What You Can  Though it is advised to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to get your project finished in the most time and cost efficient way, there are still tasks that you can do yourself to cutback on labor costs. A word of caution… never underestimate what a kitchen remodel task entails. Make sure you have what it takes to do it successfully; otherwise, you will be throwing away instead of saving money.

3.      Focus on Efficiency Not Size Other than saving money, it is also important to save space in your kitchen remodeling project. This is especially true with New York kitchens where limitation in space is a common issue. The most practical way to be acquiring more square footage is through maximizing the use of space and not tearing down walls. Storage is among the most crucial elements that can help you achieve this. Forget shelves that unnecessarily eat up more space, and opt for pull-out drawers and other such organizational features that let you keep more for less the space. When shopping for appliances, you can browse through compact models that work as good and have the same features as their bulkier counterparts.

4.      Do Your Kitchen Remodel When Contractors are Not Busy There are certain times of the year when contractors are not doing much work and are more than willing to take on the job for you. Other than affording your kitchen remodeling the attention that it deserves from your hired contractor, the down time also lets you avail of amazing discounts from qualified contractors.

5.      Avoid Relocating the Sink Having your sink moved is much more complicated and costly than you think as this will mean changing the routes of your plumbing too. If you can, just keep the current layout and get creative in making it work better for you and the household. But if relocating your sink is unavoidable, then use this opportunity to upgrade the pipes.

Eugene Makeev uses his skills and expertise to help home owners in Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island avoid pitfalls by matching their needs with prescreened contractors Long Island.

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