Apr 13, 2017
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New Affordable Quality Cabinets

The kitchen is the center for cooking or long talks over drinks, and kitchen cabinets are the first things people lay eyes on. Although it can take up nearly half of a remodeling budget, updating kitchen cupboards will ensure that the most popular room in your home looks good and stays functional. Here are some reasons why cabinet renovations should top the home improvements list.

Constant Wear and Tear

Kitchen cabinets get a lot of use throughout their lifetimes. From fishing out ingredients for a meal to grabbing an extra snack for the party, these lockers are opened and closed frequently, accelerating wear and tear. Even the sturdiest materials can buckle under heavy use. Eventually, the doors will begin to malfunction and become harder to close and open. Before reaching this point, homeowners should replace and upgrade to newer models. Specialists know that price is the biggest concern for homeowners and therefore tend to offer financing, making replacement easy on the wallet. Not only will it add to the convenience of the room, but it will also save money and time on constantly repairing the older ones.

Give Your Home a Value Bump

If selling one’s home is a future possibility, restoring or replacing kitchen cabinets is a must. Renovated and modern cookhouses are at the top of the list for factors regarding home pricing. Since cabinets are such an important part of the kitchen, it is important to create a proper aesthetic by choosing the correct style for the area. Home improvement specialists can help homeowners choose the correct model of lockers that will yield the highest value for the kitchen, getting one the best price for his or her home.

Show off Your Space!

Everybody wants a beautiful home. To maintain a pleasing aesthetic, one must continuously clean and update the abode. Kitchens are one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house. Cabinets are the face of the area, and since they take up so much space, they must serve as the thread that brings the space together under a common aesthetic. Working with a home specialist will not only ensure the greatest deal but will also guarantee finding the best choice for your home’s most important room.

Renovating the home takes a lot of time and decision-making. There are many different types of wood and styles to consider when updating one’s kitchen cabinets. It can also is a pricey endeavor. From financing to consultation, a galley specialist will help one find an affordable style that works. Working with a home specialist will help even the inexperienced homeowner create a professional and stylish look with the correct cupboards for his or her home.

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Apr 12, 2017
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Kitchen Cabinets and More

Nothing refreshes the look of a kitchen more than new kitchen cabinets. The crisp, clean lines and shiny hardware draw the eye and tie the whole room together. But there are so many options-how does a homeowner know what to choose? Here are some tips to help anyone pick out the perfect cabinetry for their home.

First Things First

Before a homeowner begins picking out new kitchen cabinets, he or she should know the exact layout of the kitchen. Measurements should be taken, and an overall design theme should be chosen. This will make the ordering process much more streamlined. Standard lower cabinets should be 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall, while upper cabinets are usually at least 12 inches deep and 18 inches above the counter. However, these measurements are only a guideline and can be customized.

Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom

Kitchen cabinets can be ordered three ways: stock, semi-custom, or custom. Stock varieties come as-is and are the most affordable options. They may come assembled or in a package to be assembled by the homeowner. Semi-custom means buyers have a few additional options when they are ordering that will give them more flexibility, but they are still restricted to what is already available. Custom options are designed especially for the homeowner and can be adjusted to fit any configuration.

Framed vs. Frameless

Standard cabinets are usually framed, meaning that the door and drawers are attached to a front frame. However, European, or frameless cabinetry, has been rising in popularity in recent years. In this option, the door and drawers are fastened directly to the box. The lack of a front face can lead to reduced strength of the structure, so experts recommend avoiding cheap materials such as particle board and instead using more substantial wood.

Door Styles

There are a number of different door styles, from traditional Shaker to flat to doors with glass panels. The door style will make a significant impact on the overall style of the kitchen. Consider flat doors for a minimalist look or Shaker for a more traditional feel. Custom molding and different finishes can be added to existing doors to create an even more personalized look.

Built-In Accessories

A number of accessories can be integrated into cabinetry to customize it. Designs tend to change based on technical trends. For instance, homeowners today often design built-in charging stations that will keep electronics off of the counter. Appliances such as heavy mixers or coffee pots can be placed on lift-up shelving that is hidden behind doors. Other popular trends include pullout trash cans, doors that open with a touch, and integrated LED lighting.

In order to get the best value for their money, homeowners should focus on the quality of materials and construction over desired features. Avoid over-customizing, as some features can be so personalized as to damage resale value. However, well-done construction will always be a sound investment.

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Apr 7, 2017
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Affordable Cabinets Lake Norman

emodeling or redefining a kitchen is one of the most exciting things that a homeowner can undertake. Having a beautiful and well organized kitchen is the dream of each and every housewife. Nowadays kitchen cabinets are used for enhancing the look of the kitchen. They have become an integral part of a kitchen decor. You can find four different types of cabinets which include semi-custom cabinets, stock cabinets, and RTA cabinets. Well, in this article I would mainly like to focus on RTA cabinets.

RTA is an acronym for ready to assemble products. These cabinets are delivered in a flat pack along with all the hardware needed for assembling them. Because you do the assembling yourself, you can cut the costs significantly. Thus you can save a substantial amount of money with RTA cabinets. The savings come in two ways:

1. Since these products come to you disassembled, thus RTA cabinets can be shipped for less than fully assembled cabinets. You can buy RTA kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities and save 30% to 40% from buying retail.

2. Secondly because you are taking care of assembly and installation. Thus you can cut labor charges and save your money.
There is a large variety of ready to assemble products available in market that offers the benefits of superior standard materials at excellent prices. They come in many form such as particle board cabinets, MDF cabinets, and high quality wood cabinets.

Nowadays, ready to assemble products have become very popular. It is very easy to put them together. Most products need nothing more than glue, wood dowels and screws, all of which should be supplied with the cabinets along with clear instructions. Cabinets, drawers and doors are predrilled for attaching hardware and hinges. Often the only tool you will need for assembly is a screwdriver.

You can easily find RTA cabinets at some big box stores, but a much broader selection and better quality is available online. These products provide a great way to update the look and functionality of your home.

If you are good at assembling things, then you will have no trouble with RTA kitchen cabinets. Well, I would highly recommend you to invest in RTA cabinets because you can get a high quality product and that too at a fraction of a price. Good luck and start shopping for your new RTA kitchen.

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