Apr 7, 2017
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The growth of RTA Cabinets

There is no argument over the fact that the idea of modern kitchen cabinets have taken quite a bit of time to get popular within the public of America. The idea of custom RTA cabinets has been confined to a very narrow limit and not a huge amount of people has been following it in the past.

The concept however, has now been gaining popularity over the past few years, which is an implication of the fact that the custom RTA cabinets have a wider application than what was thought initially.

The bathroom industry has been the primary focus of such modern kitchen cabinets and such cabinets are being extensively used by a huge number of people because of a number of different reasons.

You may be familiar with the fact that the custom RTA cabinets for bathroom under discussion are ready to assemble and in order to make the entire process even more convenient for the customers, a user guide is now packed with all the required instructions which are to be followed in order to assemble and apply the cabinets in an appropriate fashion in your home bathroom.

The benefits that you are prone to relish with such modern kitchen cabinets are countless. The custom RTA cabinets are specifically more affordable as compared to any other kind without compromising the style or design in any way.

Furthermore, the customization option enable you to make the modifications in your chosen modern kitchen cabinets and make them meet most if not all of your requirements.

This is what makes sure that you can get the most out of your money since you’d be able to purchase a product that is specifically suitable for your bathroom. Since the customization costs a measly amount of money, it ensures that the custom RTA cabinets for bathrooms have styles and designs, which are suitable for everyone. It is of prime importance to mention here in order to convince you further, that there has been a 40% increase in the annual sales of such cabinets in America, which is a direct implication of its popularity and quality.

There is no argument over the fact that such modern kitchen cabinets are conveniently available at the local stores, however, if you would like to purchase the product at the best possible price, you must take a look at Domain Cabinets Direct. Moreover, you could choose the online shopping to save yourself as much money as possible without having to compromise on the quality or variety even a bit. The added benefit of your chosen modern kitchen cabinets getting delivered to your house may be an enticing feature as well.

To put it simply, if you are looking to renovate your home bathroom and are in search of a huge variety, the custom RTA cabinets are certainly going to be your best bet. It is to be kept in mind though, that the modern kitchen cabinets you choose are made out of high quality material to ensure durability and sustainability and come with a user guide with all the required instructions about snapping the components of your product together in order to assemble them to serve the purpose.

It has been estimated that an annual growth of 12-15% in sales can be witnessed in the near future as far as the custom RTA cabinets are concerned which is a direct implication of the high quality that such products have to offer. While there may be a huge list of other benefits that you are prone to enjoy with such modern kitchen cabinets, the aforementioned are probably sufficient to talk you into making the investment.

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Mar 15, 2017
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Design Tips for your Kitchen

On the face of it, the benefits of purchasing bespoke wood kitchen cabinets may appear to be mainly cosmetic. While the artistry in the design stage, the craftsmanship in the production and the attention to detail in the installation all contribute to a stunning result that will last for decades if treated well, it’s the smaller details that may go unnoticed that can make the biggest difference.

Even the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen can become a source of irritation if certain aspects have been poorly thought out. Thankfully, modern kitchen cabinet design is full of ingenious touches that have been developed from years of experience in making the most of the resources available.

Professional designers of kitchen cabinets are adept at achieving something as practical as it is beautiful, but it’s always handy for the customer to have their own ideas too. Whether utilizing every nook and cranny, including lighting or incorporating green waste solutions, modern kitchen cabinet design is constantly evolving.

Smarter storage space

While cutlery and crockery don’t typically require too much space, storing a large number of other kitchen items can present something of a challenge.

Thanks to their irregular shapes, appliances like blenders or steamers require more space, meaning your cabinets may be filled quicker than you thought they would. Building in more space may be easier said than done, but there are certain areas where old kitchen design would often neglect.

Installing kitchen cabinets above the refrigerator is one way to make the most of the space available. While it may not be the most convenient place to reach every day, it’s ideal for storing large items that are only used occasionally.

For lower kitchen cabinets that back into the dining room, extra shelving can be installed to further maximize space and provide a convenient place for condiments and other mealtime items.

Brighter use of lights

Smartly installed lighting is one of the most important considerations in making a kitchen look its best. However, it’s not all about the aesthetics, as inadequate lighting can lead to safety issues.

Incorporating downlighting in your overhead kitchen cabinets will help ensure the work areas of your kitchen are always well lit, eliminating the chance of light from the main fittings being blocked out, by either yourself or your cabinetry.

With cleverly positioned light switches, your kitchen cabinets can provide all the light you require at the convenient touch of a button; helpful when preparing food, cleaning, as mood lighting, or even to show off your kitchen should you ever come to sell your home.

Greener waste solutions

With less trash being simply thrown away and more being recycled, using separate bins in the kitchen is a great way to ensure you are doing your bit for the environment.

Of course, multiple bins are bound to use more space than the single one commonly placed under the sink, but smart cabinet design can help. By fitting the separate bins into a slide-out or fold-out kitchen cabinet, the increased convenience will only encourage their use, which is in turn good for the world around us.

With the environmental challenges faced by all of us, modern kitchen design should look to be as green as it possibly can. Providing a built-in recycling sorter helps with this while keeping the trash bins out of sight.

Along with further smart space-saving solutions and built-in lighting, your bespoke kitchen cabinet designer will always be looking for ways to create something as practical as it is beautiful.

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Mar 3, 2017
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NEW Showroom Almost Complete!

LKN Cabinets has been working hard a new showroom which roughly doubles the space we had before. We encourage all of our future clients and all of our past ones to drop by sometime! As before, its best to call first to make sure we aren’t out on a jobsite somewhere.

Our new space is directly across from our last space in the same business park complex near Surface Products, Ass Clown Brewery, among other businesses.


Thanks Brian Powers, LKN Cabinets

(704) 232-5169

18631 Northline Dr, Suite A

Cornelius, NC 28031