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Mar 2, 2013
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Custom Pantry door Idea

This has been taken from Kabinart and

Now You See It….Now You Don’t -Kabinart’s “Custom Where It Counts” Program
Here is an interesting take on an old idea.  In this walk through pantry door, custom sized drawer heads and hardware were used instead of tall door panels to create a stealthy hidden entrance.
An opening to the walk-in pantry in the kitchen provided a perfect place to showcase a custom 3/4″ panel (finished on all sides) and custom door and drawer fronts.  The 3/4″ panel is attached with a piano hinge to the customized flush end of the oven cabinet, and an additional 3/4″ panel provides the stop on the other side of the doorway.  Hardware was mounted to the doors before they were attached to the panel.  A residential version of a commercial door closer will be installed on the inside to keep the closed position effortlessly, while a simple commercial aluminum handle and plate make it easy to open from the inside and also protects the Starlite painted finish from hand prints and general wear and tear.
Base Moulding is cut at an angle and terminates easily into the opposing panel.  A 1/4″ allowance for the sweep is adequate to ensure smooth action and no binding.  Above, a wall filler finished on all edges is used as a mounting point to continue the crown molding and complete the illusion of a three drawer pantry cabinet.
Functional as well, the niche created by the door offset was purposely designed to house a wine cooler with bar storage above.  Once the cam locks are installed, this area allows an occupant to keep adult beverages safely stored near the kitchen without having them out in the open.  A nice compromise for a home that frequently has younger college age children and their friends.
Feb 20, 2013
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HGTV link to best Kitchen and Bath Design

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Feb 3, 2013
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Advice on Shower Remodels

A bathroom shower is the main focal point in any home bathrooms and as such you’ll always want to have it looking great. Our taste for things changes and we want something that looks a little bit better, sleeker, and more modern. Make sure that you plan out your bathroom remodel ideas carefully before hand so that you don’t have to run into a mess later on. Plenty of options exist out there for your shower remodeling project and so you have to make sure that both the large and small detail things are accounted for. Some of these things that you’ll have to decide on are, shower tiles, shower knobs, curtains, and rods. When you’re ready to select out the things for your bathroom remodel, make sure that you have set aside some time dedicated to your decision making process. This decision process is something that you’ll definitely don’t want to skimp over. If you don’t already have an idea as to how you want the completed project to look, then try to have this done first before heading out and start buying the components for your bathroom remodel. Continue reading »