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Jul 24, 2018
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Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens consist of two parallel benchtops and work areas, with a narrow aisle in between. The aisle should be at least 60 to 72 inches wide. The space can be enclosed at one end where perhaps you have a window or a wall. Here you would maximize every spare inch of wall space to put in wall cabinets or a butler’s pantry or sink. Or the galley kitchen can be open at both ends. This is called a two-way galley kitchen. This layout means that the kitchen becomes very compact and there must be enough space to move between the two galleys. Especially if you have two people working in the kitchen at once! Make sure that the cabinets and the oven-door can open easily.

This style of kitchen offers the most efficient use of space with cabinets running down either side. Very popular in apartments, this layout is probably the best for ergonomics, too. Use it if you are faced with a ‘thin’ kitchen space. You can get smaller than standard size appliances like the dishwasher, oven and cooktop and fridge, so that these can all fit comfortably into this layout. Design a smart storage system as always, in a small kitchen. While in the planning stage, place your drawers for cutlery and your shelving for crockery at the open end of the galley, so that someone can lay the table without actually coming into the kitchen and disturbing the cook!

Similarly, place any utensils used for cooking near the oven and cooktop to minimize walking distance. Everything must be easily within reach in this kitchen design. If you have enough space, use one side of the galley as a countertop for a breakfast bar with stools or high chairs on the other side, or set your sink or cooktop in it.

Your small kitchen remodel will offer you many possibilities for maximizing a tight space. It can look stunning and is very functional!

The author, Susan Fuss, co-ordinates a team of passionate and dedicated designers who have created a website to pass on to you many tried and tested ideas and techniques as a home enthusiast. Many years combined experience and many remodels later, the team had amassed invaluable knowledge which they pass on for those wanting to either design a new, or remodel an out-dated kitchen.

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Jul 20, 2018
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Cabinet Design: The U-Shaped Kitchen

The u-shaped kitchen layout is the most common one, that you find within homes. There are many advantages associated with this option. This is a design that can be incorporated into small spaces and it is a great idea because you will have enough room for storage and you will have bench tops all around you. This means that meal preparations become very easy since there is a lot of room.


This design is a great idea if you want to enjoy the efficiency while cooking. You can move between the refrigerator, the ovens and the sink very easily. Most people consider this to be the most efficient floor plan that any kitchen can have because it has a working triangle. The work area is well separated from the family.


They say three is a crowd. However, with a u-shaped kitchen, you can have more cooks within the kitchen at one time. This means that it is a good option, especially when you are entertaining guests or if you have a big family.


You can have a bench top at one side. This creates some space where you can have people sit while you cook. This is a great way to separate the dining area from the kitchen so that you can entertain and cook without much of a hustle.

User friendly

The u-shaped kitchen is user friendly. When you have bench tops on three sides, you will have enough cooking space as well as access all your appliances. So as to maximize space, you need to ensure that the benches are free of clutter. This can be done by keeping the appliances, microwaves and any other cooking essentials within the kitchen cabinets.

There are very few disadvantages that are associated with the u-shaped kitchen option. One of the things that you may notice is that having benches and cupboards on the three sides in your kitchen greatly reduces the floor area. This means that you may not have a lot of space, even though the design allows you to move freely even when you have more people in the kitchen.

If you have bottom corner cabinets, you may have some difficulty accessing them. This is another disadvantage, especially when you are trying to do things quickly and need something stored down there.

When you have a lot of floor space, it may mean that the workstations are too far apart than they should be. This may then make it difficult to work quickly. On the other hand, when the floor area is too tiny, you may feel enclosed and may not be comfortable working within the kitchen. It is therefore very important to think carefully about what kind of kitchen you want even before you start building your home. Also, take time to assess the kitchen space before purchasing a new home.

When done correctly, the u-shaped kitchen layout can be a very practical option for any given home. Even with the layout, you will still have to decide on the color, the look and the style of your kitchen so as to make it attractive and functional.

There are many kitchen layouts available out there. U shaped kitchen offers great kitchen ideas that will make your space comfortable, practical, and very attractive.

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Mar 2, 2018
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New Coffee Finish for Timberlake Cabinets

Further blurring the line between semi-custom and stock cabinetry, Timberlake Cabinet Company, a leading supplier of cabinetry to the homebuilding and remodeling markets, introduces a new premium finish called Coffee. Timberlake’s glazes combine the artistry of custom finishes with the sophistication of solid hardwoods that will easily satisfy even the most discriminating homeowner’s demand for furniture-like cabinetry.

Coffee is available on the Tucson®, Rushmore®, Wyoming®, Washington®, Scottsdale®, Sonoma, and Tahoe® Maple door styles, and is made with a glazing technique that directs the color into the grooves and recesses of the door, creating a rich custom-like look. “Timberlake’s premium finishes have been created with both builders and homebuyers in mind,” says Connie Edwards, CKD, CBD and Timberlake’s director of design. “These upgrade options help builders increase sales while satisfying homebuyers’ desire for luxurious, personalized cabinetry.”

Previously offered only on all Portfolio Select and Tahoe door styles, Timberlake’s Mocha glaze has been expanded to Sonoma and Scottsdale Maple door styles. The Chocolate glaze, previously offered exclusively on all Portfolio Select and Tahoe door styles, has also been expanded to Timberlake’s Sonoma Cherry door style. These rich premium finishes add definition and a lustrous, deep color in the recesses, corners and grooves of honey-finished Maple and spice-finished Cherry cabinetry.

Additionally, the new premium finishes are produced with Timberlake’s exclusive BeautyGuard® patented multi-step finish process. Timberlake’s state-of-the-art facilities combine the best automation and skilled craftsmanship to provide a high-quality cabinet finish of lasting value. Multiple staining and sealing enables BeautyGuard to deliver a rich, protective finish, enhancing the beauty and depth of the grain while increasing moisture resistance and durability. BeautyGuard meets or exceeds all specifications set forth by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.

Timberlake Cabinet Company is a division of American Woodmark Corporation, the third largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets in the United States and Canada. With more than 156 cabinet styles and a full array of coordinating moldings and accessories, Timberlake brand cabinets combine style and affordability with the best service platform in the industry. The Company manufactures Portfolio and Portfolio Select, Timberlake’s leading lines that deliver a full range of styles and upgrade options to make customizing homes easy, and Value-Built by Timberlake, a line that offers well-crafted, stylish cabinets for more affordable homes.

Timberlake cabinets are sold directly to major homebuilders through a network of builder service centers and to independent dealers and distributors. The company, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, operates 15 manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as various service centers across the country. To find out more about Timberlake Cabinet Company and view its vast array of cabinet styles, visit its Web site at

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® is a registered trademark of American Woodmark Corporation. ™is a trademark of American Woodmark Corporation.