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Sep 22, 2010
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5 Tile Shower Designs For Your Home Bathroom

When remodeling a bathroom, the decision for tiling a shower is of the utmost importance. You must know your options and your preferences in order to find the perfect look, so that you won’t want to be redoing it all over again in another couple of years. Tiling a shower requires care and craftsmanship, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be stuck with something you don’t like. Before you decide where to spend your money, choose from these best options:

Ceramic. Both lightweight and durable, ceramic is one of the most common and versatile forms of tile shower designs that you can pick. This non-metallic solid holds up well not just in the bathroom but all over the house, offering a temperature controlled setting that is both cool in summer and warm in winter.

Porcelain. A very sturdy and heavy tile option, porcelain carries with it a great deal of strength and comfort. It is not quite as cold as you might think either, so don’t let fears of traipsing barefoot in the morning before work scare you off. It adjusts quickly to the temperature of the house, and at the same time offers a cooler environment during those hot, steamy summer months.

Quarry. If you are looking for a more rustic look, then you will certainly want to consider quarry for your tile shower designs. Usually occurring in shades of red and brown, the richness of quarry comes from natural clay and shale ingredients. While bathrooms typically come in brighter color patterns, quarry could be just the thing to differentiate yours from the rest of the neighborhood and give you something that you can really be proud of.

Mexican. Go south of the border with this option that brings out the best of Old Mexico in a modern design. If you feel that your bathroom needs a unique touch then you may wish to try out these options, which are plentiful in size, shape, color and texture. From strong primaries to the more naturally blended, tiling a shower with Mexican tile allows you free reign to determine the mood and contrast of your bathroom.

Terrazzo. From thick to thin, this type of tile enables you to bring a rocky look to your shower that adds a real sense of style and elegance to your home bathroom. Made from chips of marble and/or granite, these usually come pre-manufactured, so all you have to do is install. No special sealants or coatings necessary like what you might encounter with Mexican tile.

Agglomerate. Like Terrazzo, Agglomerate borrows the look of marble and granite chips to create a choice with terrific water absorption capabilities. Fending off mildew and other unpleasant commonalities that come with daily use of a bathroom, Agglomerate has been known to come in thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 20mm.

Tiling a Shower is a lot of work, but very rewarding. Tile Shower Designs set the mood for the entire room. Visit our site for the best tips and tricks when touching up your bathroom!

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