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Apr 3, 2020
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Bathroom Design Lake Norman

There was a point of time in history where a bathroom was considered the lowest part of a home and would rarely even be spoken of. Recent years have, however, brought about a change and the world of bathrooms have undergone profound changes and innovative bathroom design ideas have made people make remodelling their bathroom a project to be greatly sought after. When you choose to take up this project, you should think outside the box in every sense of the word.

Planning Your Bathroom Redesign

The first thing you need to do when you are looking at redesigning your bathroom is to consider what space dimensions are really there and how these will impact or benefit the ideas that you have. Generally, bathrooms range between 15 square feet to as much as 72 square feet in size. Usually, bathrooms include a half-bath, a sink and a toilet, as the concept is that it is to be basically used for dealing with appearance issues, hand-washing, clothing, hair and overall hygiene purposes.

There is another type of bathroom known as the three-quarter bathroom. This has a shower or bathtub, a toilet and sink, and could vary in size on the whole. Finally, there is the full size bathroom that includes a shower, bathtub, toilet and a sink, and also could include a Jacuzzi tub or a sauna. When you are remodelling, it is important to consider how much space you really have, in order to ensure that your bathroom design ideas fit in well with the actual reality.

Apart from space, you should also consider your budget. In any case, considering some simple design ideas will help you get the best effect irrespective of space and budget constraints.

Bathroom Redesign Ideas

To begin with, consider cutting out on large vanity cabinets and go for pedestal sinks as this will save a great deal of space.

Second, while windows are needed for ventilation and light, ensure that they do not take up too much space. Therefore, when including windows, make sure that they have sliding shutters or shutters that open outside so that space inside is not taken up.

Third, avoid using a door swing. This can take up as much as 25% of space in your bathroom that can really be used. Look at other options instead.

Fourth, use lighter wallpaper colours and lighter paint shades. This will give the illusion of a larger room and will make the entire bathroom look brighter and airier. Using peaceful and calm colours will make your bathroom look more inviting.

Fifth, consider placing additions such as the toilet, sink, shower and bathtub all on the same wall. This will greatly reduce your plumbing and finishing costs.

The sixth of the many bathroom design ideas that you can implement is when laying ceramic tiles, do this diagonally. This will make a small bathroom appear larger.

Seventh, while you may be tempted to keep closet space inside, it is better to keep this outside the bathroom as much valuable space can be saved. Alternatively, you can opt for wainscoted shelved behind the sink which can be used as storage space.

While these are the most basic bathroom design ideas, there are many more of your own creations that you can add to this list and make your bathroom come alive like never before. Convert your bathroom now from being just a water closet, to being an integral part of your home.

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Mar 25, 2020
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New Door Styles by Kabinart


Our cabinets are made with plywood construction by skilled professionals.  We want to offer you a variety of choices, so we recently added more door styles.  Check them out below and contact a representative near you for more information.

Potomac Flat Center Panel

Doors are full overlay with 2 ¾” mitered rails and stiles.  Drawer fronts are five-piece, pillow mitered construction with solid reverse raised center panel inserts.Shown in Maple and Cherry, also available in White Oak.

GE_CRD 1000

 Potomac Raised PanelDoors are full overlay with 2 ¾” mitered rails and stiles.  The center panel insert is a solid raised panel.  Drawer fronts are five-piece, pillow mitered construction, with solid reverse raised center panel inserts on the top drawer of base and drawer base cabinets. All other drawers have solid raised panel inserts. Shown in Maple and Cherry, also available in White Oak.

Lexington Cherry
Lexington Maple
Mar 15, 2020
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Master bath Update

An outdated master bathroom is one of the first things you see in the morning and one of the last places you visit at night. While a full bathroom renovation may not be in the budget, changing the wall color, new towels and fixtures might be all it takes. If you don’t replace the tile, tub, shower or toilet and can keep the cabinets, you’ll save quite a bit of money.

Visit a bookstore that has a wide variety of home magazines such as “Better Homes and Garden,” “Sunset Magazine,” “Family Circle,” “House and Garden,” and “Beautiful Home.” The magazine racks will also contain special issue publications on home decor, bathroom renovation and interior decorating. Pull a stack of these magazines and see which ones have articles on bathrooms. Bring them home with you. If you’re updating a bathroom, magazines are better resources than books. Magazines are trendier than books, which take from 12 to 18 months to get to publication after they’ve been written and photographed.

Page through the magazines and pull out photos of bathrooms that appeal to you. These tear sheets will be the basis for your update. After you’ve gone through the magazines, start comparing the photos you like to determine what appealed to you. For example, you might find that a clean-lined serene spa-like bathroom is what you like, rather than the cheery flowered bathroom you thought you wanted.

Put the towels in the bathroom so you can see which colors go with the tile that’s already in place. Retiling a master bathroom is a big undertaking, so if you can use what’s there, you’ll save time and money. After you’ve selected the towels you like best, take them to the paint store and choose a color for the walls that’s several shades lighter than the towels. Be aware that certain colors will change the way skin tones look. Green may throw a greenish cast on your complexion, while pink makes skin slightly pinker. Since the master bathroom may be where you’ll be putting on makeup, that’s important to keep in mind.

Paint a broad swatch of your selected color on one wall of the bathroom. See how it changes in natural light and incandescent lighting. Getting ready for work often means getting up before the sun rises and using the bathroom with incandescent lighting. If the paint works out, paint the bathroom the new color.

Return the towels that didn’t work for the bathroom and purchase enough bath towels, hand towels and washcloths in the colors that did work. You only need enough to place on the racks as part of the decor. Use older towels or buy inexpensive white towels to use for showering and bathing.

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