Oct 15, 2009
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Kitchen Design Basics – Common Mistakes


Kitchen remodels are on of the most popular and profitable home-improvement projects one can undertake. By following some basic guidelines, you can insure that the finished product will add maximum value and utility to your home. Here are some basic guidelines.

Pay attention to the Work Triangle

kitchen islands are very popular and many will incorporate an island into their kitchen updating project. Make sure that the basic work triangle will not be impeded by the introduction of the island. Basically the traffic flow between the refrigerator, sink, and cook top should not be blocked by the island. The work triangle theory of kitchen design has been abandoned by some in recent years, but I still consider it to be an important and fundamental tenant of sound kitchen design.

Make Sure To Leave Adequate space Between the Cabinets

The minimum recommended space between rows of cabinets or between cabinets and kitchen islands is 39″. Often, in an attempt to introduce an island into the kitchen, this will be reduced. This is a big mistake as the kitchen will then feel extremely constrained and uncomfortable. If you anticipate having more than one person using the kitchen at a time, I recommend that this be increased to a minimum of 48″, though 54″ is even better.

By following the two principals outline above, you can avoid two of the more common mistakes that many homeowners make. If you are unsure of how to reconfigure your kitchen, it may be wise to obtain input from an experienced kitchen designer.

Paul Eden is a mechanical engineer who’s hobby is home-improvement. He also has written about flat screen wall mounts and plasma TV mounts.

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