Nov 6, 2009
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Cabinet Installation – Dealing With Corners


Chances are if you are planning on completing a kitchen cabinet installation, you will encounter at least one corner. Dealing with corners can be a bit tricky if you do not follow a certain sequence. I always start installing cabinets working from the corner out. However if you simply install the corner cabinet first, in most situations you will eventually encounter problems installing subsequent cabinets.

The chances are good that if the cabinets are to be installed against a wall, that either the cabinets or the walls are not at precisely the same angle. If you simply attach the corner cabinet first and the walls were built at less than a 90 degree angle to each other (or even irregularities in the walls themselves), then the remainder of the cabinets will not sit flush with each other. For this reason, I attach as many cabinets as possible to adjacent cabinets and then in turn to the corner cabinet before any cabinets are permanently attached to the wall. This way the best position of the corner cabinets and the attached runs of cabinets may be determined, before screwing then to the wall.

When attaching to the wall make sure that you fill any gaps at the point of attachment with shims. This will ensure that the cabinets will remain plumb when screwing to the studs. Always check to make sure the cabinets remain plumb and level throughout the installation process. A little care taken here will could save the much aggravation and time.Paul Eden is a mechanical engineer who enjoys home improvement projects. He has also recently written about best earphones and DVD VCR Recorders.

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