Jan 16, 2020
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Fireplace Makeover Lake Norman

Fireplaces have been a part of home construction for generations, an important part of the home in terms of both form and function. At one point in history, families needed to live with a fireplace because of the function that it provided. Today, most focus on the form of the fireplace and how the look of it fits in with the home.

There are a few different things you will want to consider as you make any decision in regards to a fireplace in the home. These five things will help you to better understand what you can get out of your fireplace and whether or not it fits in your home.

Aesthetic Beauty

It is no secret that potential homebuyers are looking for a fireplace because of the beauty that it can bring to a home. Many will say that fireplaces help to make a home look and feel “cozy”, a characteristic that may be somewhat different to each and every person.


If you plan on cooking in your fireplace you are going to have to make sure that the fireplace actually works, and that it is not a gas fireplace. A strong majority of the fireplaces in newly built homes are gas fireplaces or faux fireplaces; while beautiful, you cannot cook on an open flame in these forms of fireplaces.


If you are thinking about using a fireplace for heat, you need to consider the technology that this will lack. You will not have a comfort zone finder or electronic zoning available. You have nothing resembling thermostats to use, but instead must wait until the whole home heats.


Talk to professionals in heating and air conditioning service shops to understand the various safety information you need for a fireplace. You need to make sure that the materials used are safe, and that the way that you use the fireplace is safe. It does take some work and education to use a fireplace properly, no matter the use of the fireplace.


There will be some maintenance connected with any type of fireplace, both real and fake. Those who have a real fireplace will have to clear out ashes from time to time, and will need to have the chimney cleaned every once in a while. Those who have gas fireplaces will simply see the utility costs from using the gas for the flames of the fireplace.

You may find that a fireplace is going to be perfect for heating up your home. You may find that a fireplace is great for cooking in your home, or that it simply serves no purpose other than aesthetic beauty. You need to think about whether or not you want a fireplace, and what you want that fireplace for. The thought you put into this will help you to better understand if this object, or what form of this object, is right for your home.

The author, Jerry Brockman, is a co-owner of Controlled Air located at 21210 Eaton Avenue in Farmington, Minnesota. Serving the south metro area for over 30 years, Jerry continues to be highly involved in service and installations for Controlled Air on a daily basis.

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