May 13, 2022
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What about black painted kitchen cabinets?

hinking about painting those kitchen cabinets black, are you? It’s a great look. Very sophisticated, actually it really makes cabinets stand out. No matter whether your kitchen is contemporary or traditional, painting your kitchen cabinets black can give you that rustic yet stylish look that can be so hard to otherwise achieve. A white counter top, to offset the black and red walls, can make that kitchen really pop! If perchance you doubt me, you could always Google it and see for yourself. Regardless, it will absolutely improve the appearance of your kitchen dramatically. If painting all of your cabinets black seems a little excessive, try contrasting white and black, or add a fine line of red trim.

First things first

Now that you’ve decided on painting black kitchen cabinets, you’ll need to prepare your cabinets properly. Make absolutely sure that they are clean of all dirt and grime by using a damp soft scrub or cloth. Taking on that built up grease may need an ammonia based cleaner, so be sure to ventilate the room properly whilst you’re working. You’ll want to be sure that you ventilate properly during the painting process as well. Should your kitchen cabinets have a glossy finish to them, it will be necessary to do a little bit of sanding, just to rough the surface up a bit. The rougher surface will be more likely to grab hold of the new paint. Also make sure that when you’re done sanding you re-clean the cabinets with soap and water. Make sure that they are completely dry before taping and covering any edges where you don’t want paint. Cover countertops, the floor, walls… Anything that is not to be painted black.

Let’s get down to painting

Either a primer or the first coat of your black paint is your next step. The primer should be black or grey in order to save money and time if you’re painting your kitchen cabinets black. Ideally, a couple of coats of primer are a good idea, allowing approximately 4 hours drying time. The primer is going to be useful, not only for its adhesive quality to the surface of the cabinet, but it also helps protect your final paint job. The primer step can be skipped if your cabinets are black already, but if the color of your cabinets is going to be changed from anything other than black, you really should stick with priming.

Be sure that the primer has completely dried and you’re ready to lay down the final coat of black paint. Steady and easy strokes will give you the most even coverage. Do not overload the brush because this can cause drips. Nobody wants drips on their kitchen cabinets… You’ll get enough of that with the food. It’s best if you can manage at least three coats, if not four, of your choice of black paint with a drying time of no less than 24 hour.

You’re going to love it! You can’t go all black of course, but a lighter color to offset the black will give you the most stylish kitchen on the block. Don’t be surprised when Better Homes and Gardens knock on your door!

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