Feb 26, 2020
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Cabinets are in High Demand

Martha Stewart has become an institution in the cooking industry for so many years now. From spreadsheets to books, from books to television, from television to the web, she has distinctively made her brand remarkable to the audience she targets. Thanks to her willingness to take advantage of the many forms of media we have today. But despite her very engaging personality, despite the food and the ingredient measurements, there’s also something that we never fail to notice in the background. Do you know what it is? Of course, it’s the impressive cabinet designs we see in books and video clips that also keep us stay. People have them as inspirations to their own kitchen cabinets. To elaborate, here’s why kitchen cabinets are more in demand.

Cooking Reality TV Shows

Cooking shows have long stayed on mainstream TV, teaching housewives and bums to become great at cooking. Recently, however, it has evolved dramatically through the partnership of reality TV. Reality TV gives cooking shows the dimension they need as viewers get to know more about the people they see on the show and their stories. The reality and relate-ability factors bring more audiences to watching ordinary people get to the top. Watching them all the way and seeing them win? That’s pure gold to the audience. And giving them hope that they could actually be like them? Diamond. People per se become interested in the craft to the point that they’d want to buy their own aprons, they’d plan their own cabinet projects, they’d audition to such shows, etc.

Increased Cookbook Sales

Despite the drop of sales in books, cookbook sales have increased in number. Whether these prints have illustrations in them or not, that one becomes more interested in learning how to cook is enough reason that he or she becomes more encouraged to set up his or her own kitchen. Cabinet is top of mind when it comes to a decent place for cooking. The increase in cookbook sales is reflects the increased kitchen cabinet demands.

Culinary Vogue

Culinary vogue seems like a very ironic tandem. Here comes food paired with fashion. What does it even mean? Well, it is Stewart herself who said that food is the new fashion. And as the number of users who post food images non-stop and food bloggers (who tirelessly give reviews of the new food fines) grow in number, food becomes a trend. Also, many people are encouraging to take culinary studies. Who can blame them anyway? A promising future awaits them. This is what’s in today!


Most importantly, we have self-expression. Having your cabinets in a certain way allows you to express who you really are in the kitchen. With includes of having the kitchen layout all to your hands is one of the greatest feelings you can have – next to cooking a good meal, of course.

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