Oct 30, 2009
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7 Tips to Save Time and Money Remodeling Your Galley Kitchen


How would you like to wave a magic wand over your galley kitchen and transform it from a dark, dingy, poky squeeze space in to a light, airy, modern work space that any chef or homemaker would be proud to occupy? Ha! I knew that would be your answer – dream on, you say? Well, Let me give you a few tips on going a big part of the way to a complete makeover without spending the fortune that you don’t have!

Tip #1 Lighting! Lighting! Lighting! large recessed in to the ceiling rectangular fixtures with no galre features. If the space can handle it two of them. Add under the cabinet hidden strip lightting – make sure the bulbs are the right kind to give you focused lights on the work surface without intense glare. Yes, go to the lighting specialist in your area and ask for examples in action in the area.

Tip # 2 Look for cabinets in wood or plastic that are bright, modern and light shades. You could use paint over but be careful and try one or two first to make sure it doesn’t look cheap or gaudy.

Tip #3 Appliances should be the best you can afford and specifically designed for the workspace you have. Go to a large kitchen supplier with model exhibits. See Kohler Idea Homes online.

Tip #4 Fittings such as cabinet handles should be recessed and modern. Stainless or brushed chromium looks best

Tip #5 Decor. Pick a paint finish that is upbeat and a good combo with your cabinets and appliances. make sure it’s durable and scrubable.

Tip #6 Tile is nice if you can afford real tile. Make sure it’s light in color and goes with the cabinets, appliances and paint surfaces selected.

Tip #7 Time spent in planning is seldom wasted. Take your time and be careful. It can be tricky making everything fit and stay workable

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