Nov 21, 2009
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Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale – Cabinets That Are Cost Efficient


Kitchen cabinets wholesale are mostly for the home builders or the remodeling contractors, however, there are some wholesaler that allow do-it-your-selfers in to find a bargain. The prices are lower wholesale because the home builders and remodeling contractors are buying in bulk, usually for several jobs at a one time, not just one household like you might be doing. Cabinets wholesale are the middleman in the business of cabinets. They are the ones that the big super centers go to when they need several of the same type or any number of kitchen cabinets at a wholesale price.

KraftMaid makes cabinets that are a streamline, Euro style cabinetry made for the modern kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, laundry room and nearly every room in your house. KraftMaid cabinets offer sleek looking cabinets that only fit in a modern atmosphere, yet they are accessible and affordable to everyone. KraftMaid cabinets provide a custom look, with one of the largest selections of styles, finishes and storage solutions available anywhere. A KraftMaid cabinet does not offer wholesale discounts at this time but may in the near future.

Hoosier cabinets are free-standing, usually very large, kitchen cabinets so named because of where they were manufactured years ago, in Indiana, the Hoosier state. Before the time when houses became larger and came with built in cabinets, kitchens were small and there were no cabinets except the free-standing kind. The Hoosier has many drawers and shelves to hold can goods and miscellaneous cookware in place. Some of the Hoosier cabinets might have built in tin containers with funnels for things such as flour and sugar or salt. Storage is the thing with Hoosier cabinets, the more space, the better. Several of the Indiana manufacturers of Hoosier cabinets might give kitchen cabinets wholesale discounts. Check the Internet for more information.

One thing you need to consider is cabinet handles. Kitchen cabinet handles come in all shapes and sizes and styles. Whatever your kitchen décor maybe, there is a cabinet handle to match it. There are modern kitchen cabinet handles, sleek and bold; there are old-fashioned kitchen cabinet handles for that olden look. For every look, there is a cabinet handle. From KraftMaid to Hoosier kitchen cabinets, there are cabinets handles to fit your design. You can read more free advice on kitchen cabinet online at

Discount kitchen cabinets are cabinets that have been discounted from there original price for one reason or another. This is different than kitchen cabinet wholesale. Discount cabinets are cheaper versions of the more luxurious styles and types, but not less in quality, depending on where you shop for discount cabinets. However, kitchen cabinet wholesale can also be discount cabinets. You can purchase them at the kitchen cabinets wholesale place.

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Nov 18, 2009
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When It’s Time For Replacing Kitchen Cabinets


It’s a lot of fun to wander through home improvement store kitchen displays and look at the beautiful cabinets that are available. For most people, these shining cabinets make the ones they have at home look pretty shabby. Years of use, build-ups of cooking grease, fingerprints, and regular slammings have probably taken their toll. Add those blemishes to the fact that the cabinets you have look like they came right out of the 1970s, and it’s no wonder that you aren’t happy with the way your kitchen looks. That’s when you start to wonder if there’s any affordable way of replacing kitchen cabinets.

There are several ways to update your kitchen cabinets without tearing out the existing ones and totally replacing them. These methods will cost much less than what demolition and replacement will cost, and a lot of the work you will be able to do yourself. You know how much that can save you! When dealing with your cabinets, you basically have three choices: replace, reface, or refinish. As we’ve said, of the three, replacing the cabinets altogether will be the most expensive option. However, if your existing cabinets are made of metal or flimsy and poorly made, you may want to consider this option. There are salvage yards and discount lumber dealerships where you can buy new kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the price you’d pay in a home improvement showroom.

Refinishing and refacing processes both start the same way. Remove all cabinet doors and hardware, and give the wood surfaces a thorough cleaning. Once you see the condition of the doors, you can decide if you want to refinish and reuse them, paint them, or reface them. Refinishing or painting will undoubtedly be the most economical methods of updating your cabinets, but they will also be the most labor intensive. If you want to restain and varnish them, it will mean stripping the surfaces down to the bare wood, putting on a coat of stain, and then adding several coats of a hard polyurethane. With refacing, you will need to hire someone to cover the cabinets with a veneer and put on new doors. While more expensive, it’s definitely an easier way of refurbishing kitchen cabinets.

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Nov 18, 2009
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Buying the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets For Your Style and Lifestyle


Selecting the right kitchen cabinets can be an eye-opening experience (and expensive). Kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of styles, materials, finishes, and levels of quality. From wood or metal to veneers like melamine, cabinet set designs are varied. Whatever style or theme you’re conveying in your kitchen, there are kitchen cabinets to complement it.

Many traditional styles of kitchen cabinets are made from hardwood. They may have mullion glass doors to complement fine china sets, along with cathedral-type arch work. Traditional cabinets will also have the largest selection of accessories and modifications. Many of the designs come from the 18th and 19th centuries and can transform your kitchen into a timeless masterpiece. Whether renovating to match the rest of your historic home, or bringing some historic charm to your house, traditional cabinets are a great way to go.

Provencal kitchens are designed to evoke French country kitchens. They often lack high-wall cabinets, relying instead on low cabinets for pots, pans and serving ware. Shelves lining the walls keep essentials at hand. The entire kitchen is focused around the dining table. Colors range from light and dark browns to deep greens. If you want to travel to the Provence region whenever you cook and entertain, look at some Provencal cabinet sets and match your table accordingly.

If you’re looking for something more down-home, try a country-style kitchen cabinet set. Country-style cabinets have very clean lines and a simple look. Ordinary paint may be chipped away to give the wood a rustic feel and the handles may be mismatched to give the kitchen a “thrown-together” look. Even in the same room, finishes may be different to enhance this look. If you’re ready to make your kitchen look just like an old farm house, invest in some country-style cabinets.

Cottage-style (also called rustic-style) kitchens mix the shelving units of the Provencal style with the distressed look of country cabinet sets. They bring the same sense of comfort as these two styles. Cottage cabinet sets come in a variety of woods, from oak to maple. A very common type of wood used for cottage cabinets is Pine or Notty Pine. Pine is known for its bold grain lines and durable strength. A cottage kitchen is meant to be cozy and comforting. Sometimes cottage cabinets don’t have doors; which allows serving wares to be easily accessed. If this sounds like the kitchen of your dreams, choose cottage cabinets.

Modern kitchen cabinet styles rely on sleek surfaces and clean lines. They may be constructed of wood or metal, or covered in a shiny, stain-resistant laminate. The emphasis in modern cabinet styles is cleanliness. The distinct feature of modern cabinets is the seamless look and sharp lines. You can find stainless steel cabinets that give the appearance of an industrial kitchen or you can install maple cabinets to give the kitchen some warmth and atmosphere. There are many options to choose from in modern cabinet styles. Most modern kitchens will be partnered with industrial grade appliances for the professional cook. When you want an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean kitchen style, look no further than the modern cabinet section.

Regardless of the style or look that you are going for in your kitchen, there are hundreds of different styles out there (so make sure you do some research before settling for the wrong one). There are even more varieties of kitchen cabinets than are listed here, so you’ve got many options to consider. A well-designed kitchen is the centerpiece of a home, so make sure you take your time when choosing your kitchen cabinet set.

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