Nov 13, 2009
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An Introduction To Kitchen Cabinets


One of the most common things that you see in the kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. In most homes, the kitchen cabinets reflect the personality of the homeowner. Actually, these are the ones that have the greatest impact on the overall look of the kitchen. That is why it is necessary to have them in your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets come in different shapes, sizes, designs, colors where you can choose one that will best complement your kitchen. You can also go either for framed cabinets or frameless types. Aside from these, you can also choose from stock kitchen cabinets, semi-custom or built-to-order cabinets, and custom cabinets.

Stock cabinets are constructed in standard sizes which are often available off the shelf or within days. These are referred to as the most affordable fully assembled cabinets. The semi-custom or built-to-order cabinets, on the other hand, give you better options since these are made to order within standard specifications and may even include accessory items for a more customized look. Meanwhile, custom cabinets offer you more advantages since you can have them built according to your desired specifications in order to best go with your kitchen’s looks.

With the many options available for kitchen cabinets these days, finding one is not a difficult process. But before purchasing, make sure that you look for important qualities of the cabinets that you choose such as conversion varnish, high solid sealers for protection of the wood, hand-rubbed stains, ultra violet inhibitors to prevent from over exposure to damaging light, and sanding procedures between finish steps to produce smooth surfaces.

Kitchen cabinets can be easily purchased from your local shopping centers. However, if you don’t have time to visit one, you can always go online and check online sites that offer quality kitchen cabinets at affordable prices.

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Nov 13, 2009
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Discount Kitchen Cabinets


If you are tired of your old kitchen and are looking for ways to give it a new lease on life at affordable rates, then discounted kitchen cabinets can provide you with an ideal solution. This is for people who don’t want to actually replace the cabinets, but just give them a new look to brighten up the surroundings.

Buying discount kitchen cabinets are more affordable than replacing cabinets and have the advantage of giving your kitchen a fresh, clear and polished look. This brightens up the kitchen environment making working in it a pleasant experience. Also, if you are thinking of selling your home, new well-polished cabinets will definitely increase its resale value.

You can get discount kitchen cabinets by either refacing or refinishing your existing cabinets. Refacing kitchen cabinets is a way to give your cabinets a new ‘face’. For this, you can call any professional contractor who will remove your cabinet doors and then wrap thin veneers on them. Through cabinet refacing and refinishing you can not only revitalize your cabinets, but also save money that otherwise you would have incurred if you had replaced them.

You can pick your choice of veneers from a wide range of colors and finishes ranging from cherry to mahogany, or any color that blends with the color of the walls. Refacing is a relatively simple process that you can do it yourself.

The other option to remodel the kitchen cabinets is by refinishing. You can hire a professional contractor who can paint the cabinets for you. Painting kitchen cabinets usually takes three to four days. Instead of hiring a professional contractor, you can also do the painting yourself.

In fact, refinishing cabinets can provide you the perfect stimulus to satisfy your creative urges. Add to this the excitement of trying out something new and you’ll achieve the signature of a personal touch, a unique hand painted look that blends effortlessly with the rest of the kitchen.

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Nov 12, 2009
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Easy and Affordable Steps to Add Life to a Dated Kitchen


Is your kitchen looking a little tired and dated? Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse throughout their lifetime, with lots of banging and closing of doors and drawers. And, just like any other room, kitchen decorating has trends and phases. What was hot 10 years ago might seem a little common place. If your kitchen needs a new look it may be time to think about kitchen cabinet resurfacing.

It’s expensive to completely replace your old kitchen with kitchen cabinets. But kitchen cabinet resurfacing is an affordable way to completely change the look of the kitchen, without ripping cabinets of the wall and disrupting your kitchen for months.

Resurfacing is a fairly simple process. You choose a kitchen cabinet look – the type of wood or material, the color or finish, and style of the cabinets and doors. You replace your old cabinet doors and drawers with the new style, and you trim the exposed surfaces of the cabinets – the framework with a veneer in the desired style. Instead of replacing the old doors and drawers, you can also apply the same veneer to the surface of the drawers and doors.

This option is both easy-to-do and affordable. You spend a fraction of a kitchen-remodeling budget when you opt for kitchen cabinet resurfacing. The team that resurfaces the cabinets can usually finish in one or two days – compare that with weeks of a torn up kitchen for a major remodel!

Sometimes a good update for a kitchen starts with the countertops. Just like cabinets, kitchen countertops can become quickly dated and worn looking. Both the kitchen cabinet and counter can become stale looking, or less than fashionable.

Some kitchen cabinets and counters really show the decade of their installation. For instance, Formica countertop material is one of the least expensive countertop options. Unfortunately, it’s one of the surfaces that show its age quickly. It’s easy to burn or scratch, or simply wear after years of use. Another popular surface was manufactured counter tops that resemble stone. These days it’s almost the same price to get granite countertops as manufactured stone – but you get that natural beauty.

There are a lot of other popular kitchen cabinet and counter styles to change your kitchen looks. Natural stone is very popular – with granite taking the lead as one of the most coveted surfaces. Polished concrete, stainless steel, and glass tile are also popular options to update a kitchen look.

If the current economy makes you think you’ll stay in your home for a while, give some thought to updating your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing, or changing the kitchen cabinet and counter will make your home feel fresh and updated, without a big investment. It will make a huge difference to the value of your home, and you get the satisfaction of a beautifully updated kitchen.

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