Jan 19, 2010
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Kitchen Remodel Design Layouts


A family cook often walks 100 miles a year. As much as one third of this kitchen pacing may be wasted motion, due to appliances placed for saving dollars in the construction or remodeling process. Sizing a kitchen is very important prior to the start of a new kitchen project. Plan ahead and understand the best kitchen layout for your family.

In an efficient kitchen there are three ” activity centers”.  The kitchen activity centers consist of the refrigerator, the sink and the range. These activity centers in a kitchen should lie within easy reach of the cook – and according to a study made at Cornell University, better placement of these activity centers can eliminate as much as 40 miles a year from the kitchen marathon.
There are Four Basic Kitchen  Layouts
 (There also are variations to the four basic kitchen layouts

The corridor kitchen.
The L kitchen.
The U kitchen.
The one – wall kitchen.
Two variations are the Double L and the G kitchen layouts.

The 3 activity centers make up 3 points called the “work triangle”
(The refrigerator, the sink and the range)

Usually – The smaller the triangle the greater the efficiency

In an efficient kitchen – the sides of the triangle add up to no more than 23 feet.

Additional Kitchen Considerations: Each activity center must also have a minimum of counter area and storage volume. 48″ between facing base cabinets or appliances. (There is Enough space to stand at an open cabinet, refrigerator, or oven while another person edges past)
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Jan 19, 2010
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Ideas Regarding Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen remodeling can help you restore your kitchen into central space of the house. From conventionally a dungeon-like place to cook and wash dishes to a multi-use action center of the entire family, kitchens have absolutely become a vital part of the modern homes. The homemakers now want to get the best kitchen remodeling done in order to have the best possible in-kitchen experience. Kitchen is after all a place where you have to spend very important time, and good cooking comes with good surroundings.

Kitchen remodeling can be an exceptional mean to add value to your home. It is a very wide topic and consists of many smaller areas. It takes time and planning.

You’ll want to make sure you are choosing the right kitchen cabinet for your home and your budget. It is important that you research designs from several sources in order to make sure you have found the design that is perfect for your kitchen.

The first kitchen remodeling tilt is to believe the three basic kitchen functions: storage, food preparation, and clean-up. Additional considerations for small kitchens include space-saving built-in appliances at any time possible.

Using local contractors gives you the advantage of working with well-informed home improvement experts that know the trends in your area. The difficulty of a house remodeling project depends upon the room being remodeled, the nature of the work to be done, and the capability of those doing it. Surviving the stress of a major home remodeling project can be a challenge.

For ideas regarding good cabinets try to read up on as many articles and books on kitchen design, architectural style, cabinets, countertops, flooring, faucets and fixtures, as well as lighting. Great kitchen remodeling design takes the harmonization of kitchen design ideas, the assortment of kitchen cabinets, the arrangement of contractors and other professionals, and lastly, the conclusion of exceptional workmanship to create the kitchen of your dreams. In a family, generally everybody has a say in kitchen remodeling ideas because, even if they don’t cook, they will spend time in the kitchen eating breakfast and extra meals if the dining table is located in the kitchen.

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Jan 19, 2010
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Updating & Remodeling your kitchen – Kitchen Remodeling

Your primary kitchen remodeling idea is probably staring you in the face. Most people have at least one area of the kitchen that gets on their nerves and would like to see changed. Simple kitchen chores can be a great place to start. If you hate doing the dishes, a new custom kitchen sink and deluxe dishwasher, should make your list. If food prep is your least favorite part of cooking, a new countertop with a built-in board would be nice. If you simply hate your kitchen’s look, kitchen decorating and design should have top priority.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is almost never a bad kitchen remodeling idea. They can increase kitchen storage and overall convenience, they enhance your kitchen decoration and feel, and cabinet resurfacing is a cheap expenditure next to many other kitchen remodeling ideas.

It could be that your kitchen does need major updating. Maybe your stove and refrigerator are right next to each other. Any remodel worth the name has to change that. Maybe there’s just not enough room for the four or five people that normally prepare meals in your house – so you really do need to expand outside the current kitchen walls. 

These tend to be the big ticket items, but often there’s no getting around them. There’s no decorating substitute for the effect of replacing linoleum or vinyl flooring with stone tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring. Countertops, too, are nearly impossible to ignore when assessing the beauty of a kitchen. If you can do so without breaking the bank, at least one of these items may be the center for the rest of your kitchen remodeling ideas to work around.

One popular change that you might want to keep under consideration is the removal of a wall. If done right, this can work wonders for making a small kitchen feel spacious and open. Of course, you must make certain that any wall you remove is not structural. If removal of the full wall is not feasible, consider removing part of it and making it into a ‘half wall’ where only the top half or so is taken out, or creating a ‘pass-thru’ – more or less a square or rectangular hole in the wall. These can also make a world of difference in the feel of the finished room.

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