Nov 26, 2009
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Adding Value to the Home With Great Bathroom Renovation Tips


Many people nowadays are considering home renovation. When home renovation comes into mind, the first area to look at is the bathroom as it is an important component of the home. Bathroom renovation does not have to be an expensive project, especially if the planning is done appropriately. People intending to renovate their bathroom need to consider the various aspects which will save them money and at the same time provide their bathroom a great look. If the homeowner wants to accomplish the renovation project in budget, he can choose to install either travertine tile or stone tile.

To get the most out of the bathroom renovation project, a homeowner can follow few simple renovation tips. The very first step is to do the planning well in advance. Planning reduces the amount of stress the homeowner will take during the renovation process and it will also ensure that the project will finish on time. Planning beforehand will allow homeowners to consider all the aspects of renovation, materials to be purchased, the kind of look that is desired and whether there is going to be any difficulties associated with the process. The planning should involve everything from the color scheme to the type of fixtures and door type that is going to be installed.

If homeowners are able to do most of the work related to the renovation, it can save them a lot of money. The level of work he can do depends on his skills and if his skills is not suitable enough for a renovation process, then at least he can choose colors, buy the materials and do the fittings and fixtures himself. Installing small things such as towel rails and hooks himself can save him a lot of money that can be used to buy other products. This will also help the owner to learn new things and increase his knowledge.

A good way to add an illusion of extra space in the bathroom is by using natural lighting. Natural lighting can be achieved by a skylight or a window in the bathroom. Furthermore, this technique will enable homeowners to have an exterior view through the windows and keep their bathroom fresh. Natural lighting is also energy efficient and can help save money on power bills. One of the most essential accessories in the bathroom is a bathtub and a nice one can provide charm and elegance to the bathroom. There are a wide variety of bathtubs to choose from and therefore it is essential to choose one carefully that will match with the other accessories in the bathroom as well as match the color scheme.

Another essential accessory for the bathroom is mirror. It can complete the overall look of the bathroom and also add an illusion of extra space making the bathroom look big and open. Over the sink is the best place to install the mirror and with a large variety of wall mounted mirrors available, it is essential to choose the type which will complete the overall decoration of the bathroom.

Connor R. Sullivan and his wife chose to redo their bathroom with elegant travertine tile. They recently redid their foyer with stone tile.

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Nov 26, 2009
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Bathroom Remodeling Within Limited Budget


Bathroom remodeling to some people looks like Mount Everest that cannot be conquered. For some people, it is the start of an adventure. Either way, it is something that cannot be avoided and you have to do it sooner or later. The best thing to do in this case is to talk to your family and friends about finding the right places to purchase the bathroom items and how they did bathroom remodeling in their own houses.

All in all, the kitchen and bathroom are two places that are the most expensive to remodel. People with limited budgets avoid it as much as they can and do it as a last resort. It should be discouraged because the money they spend upon the plumber or maintenance, if summed up will be equal to low-cost bathroom revamp.

You must be intrigued how one can remodel their bathroom with a limited budget. If you plan carefully, you will see that it is not so hard to do it. First decide your budget. Then cut the amount required for paying the laborers to revamping your bathroom.

If you like to do your house maintenance work yourself and actually know how to, then there is no reason to ask some else do this job for you. Do it yourself!

See if your bathroom floor is not discolored or the tiles retain their color or they are not chipped off and it looks fine. If it does, then cut it off your list to revamp. If the floor is chipped or discolored in places, then buy the same washroom tile for that portion and revamp that.

In the same way, take a good look at the faucet, the bathtub and the wallpaper. If somehow you can get away by not buying one of these, do that. However, there is no need to be a miser. If you do a good job with remodeling once, you’ll be save from the headache of plumbers, house maintenance workers etc. For two three years.

Bathroom remodeling is kind of fun. You can shop from large variety of bathroom equipment and choose the one that you like. You cannot get away from not remodeling because it is the most used room of the house and it has to be remodeled sooner or later. Just plan carefully, find places that have wholesale prices for bathroom equipment and you can remodel your bathroom within the tight budget.

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Nov 26, 2009
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Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


By applying some affordable bathroom remodeling ideas, want to tear out and go for a complete itching of your old bathroom? Then instead of spending handsome money and breaking your bank, go for these few tips. You will surely bring some drastic change in your bathroom every now and then.


Visited any bathroom store these days? If not please go and see so many trendy small knick- knack items are available these days at such affordable ranges, say towel bars, cup holders, medicine cabinets, etc.

Start choosing the ones which may go well with your bathroom. These tiny stuffs can surely bring a drastic change to your boring bathroom. After all, this is the part of your house which actually provides you all the positive vibrant energy you may need to start a day afresh.

Depending on your budget and your bathroom remodeling ideas, choose the items. You may choose some exotic items that way and few cheaper ones as well. Buy out such items which are cheap and you can just change those in every three months gap without affecting your bank balance. Find few more accessories which can actually bring a dramatic change in your bathroom.

Shower Curtain and towel

Buy out a unique pastel colored, floral printed or a funky patterned shower curtain and a towel which just compliments the color of the shower curtain.


Changing the flooring of the room every now and then may seem an impossible task. Then why not change your bathroom rug on regular intervals? Buy out colorful water mats and rugs and give an entire new look to the bathroom in a negligible amount.

Mirror, Vanity Light and Vanity

Vanity light, mirror and vanity are such items which you can replace quite often. You may buy out a chic cabinet pull. Go for such eclectic stuffs like canisters, mint julep cups, and trays that can both be used as a soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Another good idea! Buy out a cute funky toilet box for keeping the toilet paper rolls or your towels.

Right kind of light in your bathroom may act as a positive mood lifter. Instead of using the same old light shades try out some unique stuff. Put a chandelier or a lantern in the middle of your bathroom. Try out these few bathroom remodeling ideas and see how you can give that extra elegance to your bathroom instantly!

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