Jan 7, 2010
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Details Make a Big Difference in Cabinets



Pay Attention to Detail — It’s the little things that make a big difference. Beautiful details allow you to really personalize your new kitchen. To give your kitchen a custom-like look, consider adding decorative accents such as molding build-ups, ornaments and corbels. Including decorative accessories such as hardware, glass door inserts and under cabinet lighting can also make the room sparkle. Visit a kitchen design specialist at your local home center to discover even more ways you can add the perfect touch.

Use Space Efficiently — No matter the size of your kitchen, it’s important to maximize space and keep things organized.

Accessories such as the Base Pot & Pan Organizer, Roll Out Tray Dividers and Spice Door Cabinets help create a kitchen that is as hardworking as it is beautiful.

Take Measurements — Be prepared with accurate measurements of your current space and double check your work. Have your installer validate the dimensions or obtain professional measurements. Your kitchen design specialist will appreciate your detailed information. This will also help avoid measurement errors that can lead to costly delays and incorrect product orders.

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of their home. It’s where families and friends congregate and busy lives intersect. It’s where we prepare meals, eat, share, learn and celebrate!


SOURCE: At Home Magazine.

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Jan 7, 2010
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Navigating Through the Sea of Options for Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are always the largest expense in a kitchen remodel. Because they are a major investment (and one that’s not likely to be made again anytime soon), you’ll need to sort through the hundreds of options and make choices with confidence. Not all kitchen remodels will require new cabinets, so step back and look at your kitchen with an open mind before deciding to just rip everything out.

If existing cabinets are of good quality, are in excellent working condition and the layout functions well, the most affordable option is to freshen them up by restaining or painting. Another alternative, refacing, involves installing a new veneer on the exterior of the cabinet box and replacing the doors and drawer fronts, and should be handled by a professional. The process is much faster than installing new cabinets because the cabinets remain intact and the work is done onsite. It is important to note that when it comes to cabinets, doors and drawer fronts account for the greatest expense.

In reality, the doors and drawer fronts can account for as much as 70% of the cost of the cabinet. This is because most cabinets utilize plywood or particleboard for the cabinet box, which is significantly cheaper than the real wood used for the doors and drawer faces.

The decision has been made to install new cabinets, but there are other choices ahead. Are custom cabinets required, or will stock cabinets fit the bill? Custom cabinets are built to exact specifications and offer endless options with regard to materials, designs, finishes and accessories. Custom cabinets will require much longer lead times, and can be 2 to 5 times as expensive depending on the style of cabinet that you are looking at.

Semi-custom cabinets are just that: semi-custom. While the cabinets are made to the homeowner’s size requirements, the manufacturer produces them in predetermined increments. Often a spacer may be needed to conceal unused wall space, and that sacrifices storage. The range of materials, designs, finishes and accessories will not be as broad with semi-custom cabinets, but they cost less than fully custom cabinets.

Stock cabinets, which are the most affordable of new cabinet options, are pre-made and come in standard sizes. In the past, stock cabinets had a stigma to them because of the quality of materials that were used. Today, manufacturers are using solid wood for the face frame and doors, and better cabinets will feature solid plywood cabinet boxes.

If you ask any industry expert, they will tell you that 8 out of 10 kitchens cabinet be built using stock cabinets. A 1/2″ here or a 1/4″ there can be easily made up by using filler strips which will not take away from the overall beauty of the finished product.

No matter what type of cabinet is selected, it’s important to evaluate the quality of hinges, doors, drawer systems and finish. Don’t be afraid to pursue companies that sell cabinets strictly on-line. They will have lower overhead and therefore can offer better prices. Even RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinets are featuring the same quality materials as the big name manufacturers, but at a lower price.

Next, consider the construction type and door style. Framed cabinets, which are popular in traditional kitchens, have a front frame around the cabinet opening. The door attaches to the frame. Frameless, or European-style cabinets, have no front frame. The door attaches directly to the side of the cabinet. Frameless cabinets, which are often used in contemporary kitchens, offer an advantage over framed cabinets. Because there is no front frame, there is open access to the cabinet interior.

When it comes to door styles, there are several choices. Traditional-overlay doors cover some of the frame, full-overlay doors cover the entire cabinet frame and inset doors sit inside the cabinet frame.

SOURCE: Gary Nealon, www.articlebase.com

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Jan 7, 2010
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What You Need to Know Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets


Your home is a representation of you, and in it you have probably spent thousands of man hours and thousands of dollars to make it the home that you always wanted. Many people focus on their bedrooms and basements before turning their eye to the kitchen, but when the inevitable comes it is almost certainly a home-changing event. The kitchen, as you can imagine, is the most popular room in your home. Yes, the kitchen and the main bathroom are the two rooms that will be the most trafficked. Your kitchen, of course, will be used by all members of the household, and the bathroom will be as well. These two rooms should be the two that look the best, even if it’s just for appearances sake.

When it comes down to choosing kitchen cabinets that suit your needs there are a few things that you should know beforehand:

1. Ensure that proper support is in place

Different materials and types of wood have different weights, so it is important that you verify (or have your contractor verify) that the new cabinets can be installed without error. The last thing that you want to see is your brand new kitchen cabinets suddenly becoming dislodged for seemingly no reason.

The area that they are going to be installed should have appropriate amounts of supporting materials in and behind the wall, and everything should be quite snug and strong.

2. Have an overall vision in mind

Chances are that you may be buying your cabinets before you have finished the countertops, paint, floors, etc. It’s important to have an overall idea of what you are trying to achieve, as any one piece may look out of place until you’ve made the whole

3. Durability is an important factor

When you are choosing your kitchen cabinets you should base that decision on a few things: value, price, aesthetics, function, and durability. Kitchen cabinets are a rather expensive addition to your home, and you want to know that the $3,000 or more that you’ve just spent on cabinets will last you more than a couple of years.

Look for cabinets that are well made, treated in advance to avoid warping, and are coated to prevent damage from small amounts of water or other liquids. The cabinet doors should be relatively solid and stable, and the hinges should also be well made.

Knowledge is power, so be sure to research before you jump into a decision-making process. Learn as much as you can about the cabinets that you are considering before you put any money down, and definitely check on the history of the contractors who will be installing them as well as the company that will be supplying them.

SOURCE: www.elegantcab.com