Dec 24, 2009
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Easy and Affordable Steps to Add Life to a Dated Kitchen


Is your kitchen looking a little tired and dated? Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse throughout their lifetime, with lots of banging and closing of doors and drawers. And, just like any other room, kitchen decorating has trends and phases. What was hot 10 years ago might seem a little common place. If your kitchen needs a new look it may be time to think about kitchen cabinet resurfacing.

It’s expensive to completely replace your old kitchen with kitchen cabinets. But kitchen cabinet resurfacing is an affordable way to completely change the look of the kitchen, without ripping cabinets of the wall and disrupting your kitchen for months.

Resurfacing is a fairly simple process. You choose a kitchen cabinet look – the type of wood or material, the color or finish, and style of the cabinets and doors. You replace your old cabinet doors and drawers with the new style, and you trim the exposed surfaces of the cabinets – the framework with a veneer in the desired style. Instead of replacing the old doors and drawers, you can also apply the same veneer to the surface of the drawers and doors.

This option is both easy-to-do and affordable. You spend a fraction of a kitchen-remodeling budget when you opt for kitchen cabinet resurfacing. The team that resurfaces the cabinets can usually finish in one or two days – compare that with weeks of a torn up kitchen for a major remodel!

Sometimes a good update for a kitchen starts with the countertops. Just like cabinets, kitchen countertops can become quickly dated and worn looking. Both the kitchen cabinet and counter can become stale looking, or less than fashionable.

Some kitchen cabinets and counters really show the decade of their installation. For instance, Formica countertop material is one of the least expensive countertop options. Unfortunately, it’s one of the surfaces that show its age quickly. It’s easy to burn or scratch, or simply wear after years of use. Another popular surface was manufactured counter tops that resemble stone. These days it’s almost the same price to get granite countertops as manufactured stone – but you get that natural beauty.

There are a lot of other popular kitchen cabinet and counter styles to change your kitchen looks. Natural stone is very popular – with granite taking the lead as one of the most coveted surfaces. Polished concrete, stainless steel, and glass tile are also popular options to update a kitchen look.

If the current economy makes you think you’ll stay in your home for a while, give some thought to updating your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing, or changing the kitchen cabinet and counter will make your home feel fresh and updated, without a big investment. It will make a huge difference to the value of your home, and you get the satisfaction of a beautifully updated kitchen.

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Dec 24, 2009
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Bathroom Cabinets Offer An Instant Affordable Bathroom Renovation


Your resourcefulness and pocket are the biggest restrictions you have when deciding upon a bathroom a facelift. With a larger budget comes more options but even for the less affluent there are still several options. No matter what the size of your wallet is the internet offers a immense selection of bathroom cabinet choices.

Despite the fact we would all in all probability love a celebrity style bathroom unfortunately this not normally possible, yet meticulous planning will help. The one seperating factor between a satisfactory bathroom remodelling proposition and a tragedy is in the details. You don’t need to be forced to start over again things half-way through installation. Don’t be afraid to experiment, for example using a bakers rack for shelving can create marvelous outcomes. In the course of designing your room endeavor to consider the entire blueprint & how various elements interact for instance vanity mirrors should be accessible. The internet can supply you a lot of help and ideas.

Materials utilized to produce cabinets are normally wood, all the same, tops can be found in a variety of materials, materials such as Concrete, Stone and Ceramic Tiles are common choices for tops. Many of these materials will look astonishing in the correct setting but horrific in the wrong setting, be careful with your choice.

Virtually all materials will work with hot appliances eg hairdriers, but some materials discolour from the heat quicker than others. Themed bathrooms may regulate the counter-top material options.

Bathroom vanities are favored options amid those hoping to bring a touch of class to their room. Thesedays bathroom vanities come in a huge array of styles, for bathroom’s of different themes. If you choose the bathroom vanity sink cabinet that is the right fit for your bathroom, your bathroom will have just the ideal touch you have been searching for. Your double bathroom vanity can be the centre piece of the room. Attention to the little things will make a large difference to the overall appearance of the room, so be sure to select a double bathroom vanity that matches your existing bathroom items and cabinetry. With some thought and designing a new wood bathroom vanity set can turn out to be an appealing centrepiece to finish off your bathroom’s refit.

Bathroom sink cabinets provide worktop room, a place for the washbowl and faucets, a system of concealing ugly pipework and valuable storage below. From simple hardboard stock cabinets to any material conceivable, you will find a vast selection of sink vanity cabinets. Be certain your new sink cabinet worktop is of a long-lasting material. It is maybe likely to receive a lot of use over the years. Be certain the sink cabinet worktop is of a long-lasting material and remains neat and tidy, this is one area that is in all probability going to receive a lot of day-to-day traffic.

Bathroom mirrors have forever been recognized as a significant element in any bathroom. Bathroom mirrors are frequently installed above the washbowl. Bathroom mirror medicine cabinets are normally mounted over the wash basin. Mirror furniture can be a vital component in the pre-planning of a bathroom renovation. To boot, cleverly sited mirrors will add further features such as making the bathroom seem larger. Mirror suppliers these days extend an immense selection for customers to choose from. A light & mirror are a wonderful combination in your bathroom. You should accurately look at the room’s light system, to produce the maximimum benefit from any mirrored cabinet, for example under man-made light make-up will seem well applied, all the same under another light it might be a different report.

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Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


By applying some affordable bathroom remodeling ideas, want to tear out and go for a complete itching of your old bathroom? Then instead of spending handsome money and breaking your bank, go for these few tips. You will surely bring some drastic change in your bathroom every now and then.


Visited any bathroom store these days? If not please go and see so many trendy small knick- knack items are available these days at such affordable ranges, say towel bars, cup holders, medicine cabinets, etc.

Start choosing the ones which may go well with your bathroom. These tiny stuffs can surely bring a drastic change to your boring bathroom. After all, this is the part of your house which actually provides you all the positive vibrant energy you may need to start a day afresh.

Depending on your budget and your bathroom remodeling ideas, choose the items. You may choose some exotic items that way and few cheaper ones as well. Buy out such items which are cheap and you can just change those in every three months gap without affecting your bank balance. Find few more accessories which can actually bring a dramatic change in your bathroom.

Shower Curtain and towel

Buy out a unique pastel colored, floral printed or a funky patterned shower curtain and a towel which just compliments the color of the shower curtain.


Changing the flooring of the room every now and then may seem an impossible task. Then why not change your bathroom rug on regular intervals? Buy out colorful water mats and rugs and give an entire new look to the bathroom in a negligible amount.

Mirror, Vanity Light and Vanity

Vanity light, mirror and vanity are such items which you can replace quite often. You may buy out a chic cabinet pull. Go for such eclectic stuffs like canisters, mint julep cups, and trays that can both be used as a soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Another good idea! Buy out a cute funky toilet box for keeping the toilet paper rolls or your towels.

Right kind of light in your bathroom may act as a positive mood lifter. Instead of using the same old light shades try out some unique stuff. Put a chandelier or a lantern in the middle of your bathroom. Try out these few bathroom remodeling ideas and see how you can give that extra elegance to your bathroom instantly!

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