Dec 1, 2009
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Updating & Remodeling your kitchen – Kitchen Remodeling

Your primary kitchen remodeling idea is probably staring you in the face. Most people have at least one area of the kitchen that gets on their nerves and would like to see changed. Simple kitchen chores can be a great place to start. If you hate doing the dishes, a new custom kitchen sink and deluxe dishwasher, should make your list. If food prep is your least favorite part of cooking, a new countertop with a built-in board would be nice. If you simply hate your kitchen’s look, kitchen decorating and design should have top priority.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is almost never a bad kitchen remodeling idea. They can increase kitchen storage and overall convenience, they enhance your kitchen decoration and feel, and cabinet resurfacing is a cheap expenditure next to many other kitchen remodeling ideas.

It could be that your kitchen does need major updating. Maybe your stove and refrigerator are right next to each other. Any remodel worth the name has to change that. Maybe there’s just not enough room for the four or five people that normally prepare meals in your house – so you really do need to expand outside the current kitchen walls. 

These tend to be the big ticket items, but often there’s no getting around them. There’s no decorating substitute for the effect of replacing linoleum or vinyl flooring with stone tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring. Countertops, too, are nearly impossible to ignore when assessing the beauty of a kitchen. If you can do so without breaking the bank, at least one of these items may be the center for the rest of your kitchen remodeling ideas to work around.

One popular change that you might want to keep under consideration is the removal of a wall. If done right, this can work wonders for making a small kitchen feel spacious and open. Of course, you must make certain that any wall you remove is not structural. If removal of the full wall is not feasible, consider removing part of it and making it into a ‘half wall’ where only the top half or so is taken out, or creating a ‘pass-thru’ – more or less a square or rectangular hole in the wall. These can also make a world of difference in the feel of the finished room.

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Dec 1, 2009
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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For An Old House

Many people think that old houses are especially difficult to remodel purely due to their age. In fact, this is not entirely correct. Whether the house is old or quite new, a kitchen remodeling nearly always turns out to be very cost effective and the habitants will see a marked improvement in the area.

Kitchen remodeling for old homes can be planned so that new items and appliances can be integrated along with the kitchen’s older features. The true key to affordable and effective kitchen remodeling ideas is in the planning stage and this applies to any kind of home, whether new or old.

First on the list of all sound kitchen remodeling ideas is to adequately cost your planned remodelings. This is the most critical aspect as you should not attempt any substantial renovation project unless you have enough funding available or you can enlist the help of your bank or mortgage provider. Notwithstanding the fact that you require substantial funding, take heart in knowing that you can reduce costs in some areas without sacrificing the over-all quality of the renovation. It is important that you allocate adequate funds for the key aspects of the renovation, namely the design component, labor costs and appliances and fixtures.

When you are reviewing you’re your kitchen remodeling ideas always build in an allowance for unexpected contingencies such as repairs being necessary to plumbing, heating and electrical equipment. There is nothing worse than having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen which is great to look at but in reality is a fire-hazard or energy-monster because of the old and ineffective equipment. In old houses it is highly likely you will need to spend money upgrading this type of equipment.

Once you have addressed the structural and services (heating, lighting, plumbing etc) aspects of the kitchen renovation you can then turn your attention to other aspects like choosing counter tops, cabinets and floor coverings. This is a great area in which to control costs as it is possible to use many alternate materials, that are just as durable and impressive as for example marble or granite, however they cost a fraction of the price of the real material. It is also recommended that you consider buying stock cabinets instead of custom-fitted ones as this too will save you a great deal of money.


Nov 30, 2009
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Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers – Not Too Tough to Tackle


Think giving your kitchen a cabinetry makeover is a project best left to the professionals? Well, think again. The folks over at recently begged to differ in an article titled “Kitchen cabinets are a project beginners can tackle.” Although the prospect may seem daunting, “updating cabinets is a do-it yourself (DIY) project that many people can master,” the article’s expert assures.

“The project doesn’t require a lot of tools, but it does require patience,” the article goes on to point out. Therefore, you might want to consider replacement of your kitchen cabinets as a tag-team effort. Don’t try to take on the job all by yourself. The cited expert warns, “You have to get the doors off the cabinets, and this might be a two-person job. Door and drawer replacement is the hardest task.”

Once you have removed the doors, you have two affordable options: 1) You can either refinish your existing cabinets, or 2) you can reface your existing cabinets with new door fronts. If you choose the former option, “the prep work is the most time-consuming.” Sanding and painting the door fronts is grunt work but it can be accomplished by a single person. Staining and/or glazing the wood are also finishing options. The article’s source “recommends going to a [kitchen cabinet] showroom to look at the different types of finishes and, of course, new door pulls to finish off the new look.”

But what if you decide to reface your kitchen cabinetry instead? Consultation with a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, including a selection of wood door styles, should be the first step in your agenda. Many considerations will go into the choosing of a new door style. Wood species will be the first decision you’ll have to make. The beautiful, natural woods offered by the most recognized brands of cabinetry for the home include beautiful and natural woods as well as laminate styles. Once you’ve narrowed down the cabinet material, you’ll need to move on to the doors’ shape. This selection may prove more challenging than it sounds with square, arched, slab, raised panel, and recessed panel options to choose from.

Finally, you’ll need to decide whether you want to leave your cabinet doors natural or apply a finish, just as you would if you opted to refinish your existing door fronts. Leading kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer a wide array of standard and premium finishes and glazes to complement any design style. Your specific options will be dependent on the wood or laminate species you’ve chosen.

DuraKraft finish is one of the finest wood finishes available. A combination of clear resin chemistry and ultraviolet screen inhibitors, it provides a custom finish that extends the original color and clarity of your cabinetry’s material while standing up to everyday wear in the kitchen. In fact, a recognized finish testing laboratory tested the DuraKraft finish for resistance to common household chemicals and agents. The result? DuraKraft exceeds all specifications required by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. In addition to chemical testing, DuraKraft was also tested for resistance to extreme temperatures and was found to withstand temperatures below -5ÚF and above 120ÚF for shipment and use in all parts of the world.

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