Nov 7, 2009
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Here Are Some Tips to Buy a Kitchen Cabinet


Kitchen cabinets not just add manner and classiness to your kitchen but also add value to your home. They are to be considered and invested into as a major purchase. Therefore, make sure that while buying new kitchen cabinets, you buy the best ones available. Also ensure they are all worth every penny spent.

You might consider several steps that may be noted in the process of buying a kitchen cabinet:

• Firstly, decide upon a budget for the kitchen cabinet as these cover about fifty percent of the kitchen remodeling expenses. And not just decide upon it but also try and stick to it when buying the cabinets.
• Next, you need to measure the space that is available in the kitchen for the cabinet. This is to decide upon the size and number of cabinets required or that might fit in. This helps you get a rough estimate of the price.
• You then have to decide upon whether you want a stock cabinet, semi-custom cabinet or a fully customized one. Stock cabinets being less expensive are restricted in terms of style, shapes and size choices. Semi-custom ones are standard sized but offer design and styles varieties. Custom cabinets are expensive but built as per customer design and style specifications.
• Also, choose and select options with regards to custom items that include wine racks, cabinet pantries, pullout shelves and knobs or maybe handlers. Herein, while stock cabinets offer limited options, semi-custom and custom cabinets provide limitless solutions. Choose the kitchen cabinets on their usability. The more the usability the better it is.
• Also, you will have to choose the quality of the cabinets that you want from solid frames to reinforced corners and also closed backs and solid frames.
• And finally, there is style and color that you will have to decide upon. For this you can look upon magazines, online galleries or even personally visit the cabinet stores. Again, stock cabinets are available in limited styles while semi-custom and custom cabinets offer a lot more.
• Most importantly, the cabinet should probably match the architecture and the interior design of your home. It should not look out of place as it mars the beauty of your kitchen.

Also, while looking for and buying kitchen cabinets, you should always consult a hardware specialist. This is because there are numerous manufacturers of decorative hardware. Therefore, as we look to buy those with the best quality and reputation, a specialist could certainly be very helpful. Also visit the stores or warehouses and take a look at the cabinets and their prices before you decide to purchase any.

Another thing is to do research well on the internet for reputation of the manufacturers and the quality of cabinets made by them. You might also look for cost effective deals that might be available online.

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Nov 7, 2009
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Kitchen Design Basics – Three Cabinet Construction Options


There are many ways to construct a set of kitchen cabinets. There are currently three fundamental methods of marrying the cabinet door to the cabinet. In this article these three options are discussed:

Overlay Door, Face Frame

The overlay door with face frame style cabinet construction is the most common type of cabinet construction. Basically, the front of the run of cabinets is covered with a hardwood frame, usually about 1 1/2 inches wide. Thus each door or pair of doors is backed by this frame and the door itself sits proud of the frame when closed. This type of construction requires the least amount of precision because there is a margin around each drawer or door and small differences are not noticeable.

Frameless Cabinet Construction

Sometimes called euro construction, in this instance the fro of the cabinet has is left uncovered, except for thin veneer, which covers the edge of the cabinet box (usually plywood or melamine). The cabinet door is built just slightly smaller that the outside edge of the cabinet, leaving a consistent reveal of about 1/8 inch between each cabinet door and between doors and drawers above. This type of construction requires a high degree of precision and exacting installation. The look of this type of cabinet is sleek and modern. Another advantage often cited is that the cabinet are full access, meaning they are not encumbered by a frame surrounding the openings.

Inset Door Construction

This style of cabinet construction is similar to the overlay door type in that there is a hardwood frame attached to the front of the cabinet. However instead of the door sitting proud of the frame, the inset doors are flush with the front of the frame when closed. Like the frameless cabinet, these also require more precision than the face frame to ensure that the gap between the doors and frames are consistent. Inset doors are often associated with more traditional cabinets designs.

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Nov 7, 2009
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Personalize Your Bathroom Using a Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinet


A bathroom wall storage cabinet can make a perfect addition to any bathroom. Your bathroom may be large or small, modern or old fashioned but a wall cabinet will go a long way in making it look clean and free of clutter. These cabinets come in all sorts of shapes, designs and styles. They add an aura of elegance, space and style to the bathroom.

You can find a bathroom wall storage cabinet that suits your bathroom by simply visiting a home improvement retailers shop near you. You can also choose from a variety of styles by visiting the web pages of retailers. Making one by yourself can be a nice option. Building a bathroom wall storage cabinet is a simple task and does not take much time. Some wood and carpentry tools are more than enough to build a simple wall cabinet. You can add paint, hand carvings etc and customize the cabinet as you wish.

These cabinets are available in many different styles. The glass type one has panels made of glass in front. Foggy or frosted glass adds to the elegance of the cabinet. Some cabinets are made of wood or metal and come with a mirror in front. This is convenient if you have decided to mount it over the sink. You can even find ones with hand painted borders on the mirrors.

Wall cabinets for bathrooms also come in a variety of designs. Some are styled in an antique fashion while others are designed for ultra modern homes. Then there are contemporary and county style cabinets.

You can find wall cabinets in sizes ranging from 18, 24, 30, 36 and 60 inches. Choose the size that suits your needs and the bathroom decor of course. The standard 36 inch cabinet suits most bathrooms and offers good functionality

A bathroom wall storage cabinet may have two or three doors. The number of doors does not add to the space but they make it easy to sort items separately and arrange them in an easy to access manner.

You can choose a nice bathroom wall storage cabinet from a variety of modern and old styles. For more resource on bathroom storage please visit Bathroom Storage Cabinet.

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