Nov 26, 2009
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How to Find the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor For Your Project


Finding the best of anything can be like wading through a hay stack to find a needle. No one wants to waste their time on looking for someone to provide services that just don’t pan out. Here is a simple guide on how to find the right contractor for your Salt Lake City bathroom remodeling project.

Contractors Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune

Contractors are a special breed of workmen that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, know a lot about building and dismantling, and can sometimes cost more than you anticipated. Contractors shouldn’t cost more than you are willing to pay. A good contractor will sit down with you and map out a budget that will make both of you happy.

Contractors Should Know Their Specialty

When contractor shopping you need to find a contractor that is efficient in the services they offer. Who wants to pay for a bathroom remodeling contractor that knows next to nothing about bathroom remodeling? A Salt Lake City bathroom remodel isn’t something that anyone can do- so don’t believe the hype, interview around for the right one. There has to be a contractor in Utah that is worth hiring for work in Wasatch.

Contractors Should Be Open for Suggestions

No one likes to work with someone who doesn’t listen to their design ideas. You don’t want to get stuck with custom cabinet re-facing, counter-tops and tile floors that aren’t what you would have customized. You don’t want to waste your time and money on know-it-all contractors that put their interests above your project. A Salt Lake City bathroom remodel is a renovation and repair project that shouldn’t be one sided- especially when you’re the one footing the bill.

Now that you know some of the basic info regarding the type of contractors you do and do not want, take your time finding the one that will best fit your Salt Lake City bathroom remodel job. Based on the amount of time you have, the amount of money you want to spend, and the amount of frustration you are willing to endure your choices in contractors for your bathroom renovation could be endless- but don’t just pick anyone. You’ll want the best!

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Nov 25, 2009
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Tips to Finding Quality Cheap Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinetry is part of every home since cabinets provide excellent storage space to you and your family. With cabinets, you would know where to place and get your stuff from and you would be able to avoid all the mess and clutter. Storing your items in those safe place also makes the items last longer.

When talking about cabinets, kitchen is one of the firsts that comes in mind. Although there are cabinets found in the bathroom, bedroom and living room as well, kitchen cabinets are pretty much well-known to everyone.

Proof to this are the high demands of this type of furniture in the global market. But not everyone can afford to purchase kitchen cabinets as their prices can sometimes slash off a significant part of your budget. And with the pretty rough economy today, it is unwise to spend too much for one item. Because of that, there is nothing to wonder much why many are looking for cheap kitchen cabinets to save up.

An alternative to purchasing high cost cabinets is building and installing your very own cabinet, either from metal or wood. One of the good things about making your own kitchen cabinet is that you can have whatever design you want with it, be it contemporary, futuristic, historic, simple or something else.

But you can still find cheap kitchen cabinets out there that may have the same quality as the pricey ones. You just have to be patient and have a solid idea of what exactly you are looking for. A good tip is to order custom cabinets. Various cabinetmakers and cabinet shops can produce customized kitchen cabinets for you at varying prices. Surely, both of you can come up with a nice product fit for your budget.

One important reminder about custom cabinets is that they may take a while to be finished and delivered to your home. And so you will have to make preparations if you really are decided to go for these stuff.

Aside from ordering custom cabinets, another modern option is to look for cheap cabinets in thrift shops. Some folks donate their old or slightly used kitchen cabinets to these shops. You can find some there that with a little fixing can still be as good as new.

One more useful tip is to search for stock and semi-stock cabinets that are available in home improvement stores near you. Some are even offered in discount rates during certain seasons and promotional sales. Going for inexpensive cabinets doesn’t follow that it should look that “cheap” and have very poor quality. Remember that you are looking for affordable cabinets that are as functional and as effective as those with a slightly higher prices.

If you want more details on the installation of cheap kitchen cabinets such as guides, how to plans and simple drawings, come visit us at Sheds and Shelves. We will never try to sell you anything as out site is a pure and free resources for people trying to do things themselves. See you soon.

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Nov 25, 2009
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Shopping for Kitchen Cabinet Deals



Right now it is more important than ever to try to save money on home improvement projects while still adding value to your home. Buying solid wood cabinets is easy if you want to go to your local building center or cabinet store and pay retail price, but if your trying to save some money and still have a great product, you will need to look a little deeper than that store. And the very best way to save money and time, and still get a great product is by shopping online. With all of the scams going around, some people may still be hesitant to purchase products online. However, these days shopping online is safe, easy, and above all it can produce products that you would not normally have access to. For example, buying kitchen cabinets from the other side of the country and still getting a great product at a good price.

First of all, the solid wood kitchen is somewhat of an elusive product. There is not really anything out there (in a reasonable or normal price range) that is made of entirely all solid wood. I am sure if you commisioned a carpenter to make you cabinets, he or she could produce a cabinet made entirely of solid wood — fronts, sides, bottoms, and backs but the cost of that kitchen would probably run in excess of $40,000.00 dollars! (Forty Thousand dollars).So the point is that all kitchen cabinets in today’s market, from the highest end cabinet on down the line to the lower end, is made of part wood and part something else. That “something else” is where you should really pay attention.

As stated before the solid wood kitchen cabinet is possible if you realize there are concessions to be made. The first realization is that even the best cabinets are made of solid wood faces (the front of the cabinet) and the sides and backs are made of plywood. This type of product is excellent for your kitchen needs. It gives you the solid wood look and feel, while the sides are strong, durable, and unnoticed as plywood sides. (The good cabinets will have finished sides to hide the plywood and you will not no the difference).So to quickly sum it up: solid woodcabinets are actually solid wood faced cabinets with plywood sides. This product is made in everywhere high end house, so you don’t have to feel like your getting cheated out of quality.

Next, as we spoke before, the internet is the best place to find these solid wood cabinets. In fact your on it right now (if your reading this article), so why not do a search for kitchen cabinets. The best styles of kitchen cabinets to look for when your trying to save money and still get quality is the: RTA kitchen cabinet. By doing a Google search or any other search engine when you type in RTA kitchen cabinet you should find a nice variety of your “solid wood kitchen cabinets”. Of course, as we noted before, these cabinets are solid wood faced and paneled wood sided, but ultimately this is your best option for a quality cabinet.

Keeping these things in mind will help you easily find a good kitchen cabinet at a reasonable price. Retail shopping for kitchen cabinets is not practical, online shopping is easier and it saves money — on average you will save 35%. (feel free to do the math on that statistic). The savings are there and the quality is too, just remember to stay away from the cheaper cabinets (that contain particle board) and keep focused on the better kitchen cabinets. If you do all of this, you will find great deals online. Your cabinets will never be the “solid wood kitchen cabinets” that you set out for, but along the journey of looking for kitchen cabinets, you will find that the best deals and practicality are in the solid wood faced cabinets with plywood sides.

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