Nov 21, 2009
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Give Your Home a Makeover With New Kitchen Cabinets


Americans are a migratory people and we move around a lot. Compared to the population in most other countries, we tend to buy and sell homes much more frequently. It’s also not uncommon for us to “trade up” as families grow or our budgets allow, or downsize when kids move out on their own or we’re tired of that big yard and the extra rooms. The difficult real estate market of the past couple of years has put a damper on all this, with many people either unable to move on as it’s difficult to sell, or unwilling to take a big loss. As a result, instead of buying new homes, a lot of people are staying put and invest in their existing one. One of the most popular home improvement projects is giving kitchen cabinets a makeover, so let’s take a look at how to go about it and what’s available.

The kitchen is a very special place in almost any home. It’s the center where we meet, hang out, prepare gourmet meals together, pop some corn in the microwave, grab a quick snack from the fridge or stick notes and artwork on it. Kitchens are warm, friendly places that play an increasingly more important role in our homes, and attractive, functional cabinets are an integral part of it. If yours are old and worn, consider starting over. The difference new cabinets can make is absolutely amazing. It’s like having an entirely new kitchen, but at only a fraction of the price.

Whether you will be doing the work yourself or have someone do it, planning a kitchen cabinet makeover is lots of fun. First, familiarize yourself with all the looks, shapes and materials. Cherry, maple, birch, and oak all have a distinctly different look and you’ll want to pick whatever fits your personality, your home, and the kind of effect you want to achieve. While wood is very popular, some people like all-white cabinets for that bright, clean, modern look. You can also pick from a variety of different styles and designs; different grains; framed or frameless cabinets; and numerous different drawer arrangements.

Once you’ve picked your wood or material, you can also select from different finishes. Finishes can be natural, or a variety of shades to complement the basic color and grain of the wood. Some types of wood and cabinet styles can be ordered with half a dozen different finishes, which makes it easy to match new cabinets to an existing décor.

If you prefer white cabinets, you can select either thermofoil or melamine surface. Thermofoil is a fairly new technology where a thin layer of rigid vinyl is heat-fused to cabinet doors, drawers and other surfaces. The thermofoil process makes a perfectly smooth surface with uniform color and texture that is more durable than even the best paint. Melamine is a fire resistant, heat tolerant synthetic polymer material that also has a smooth, uniform color and texture. Melamine cabinets are generally quite affordable and easy to clean.

So whether you plan on staying in your home and want to freshen things up a bit, or whether you intend to sell, getting new kitchen cabinets should be on top of your list.

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Nov 21, 2009
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Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers – Not Too Tough to Tackle


Think giving your kitchen a cabinetry makeover is a project best left to the professionals? Well, think again. The folks over at recently begged to differ in an article titled “Kitchen cabinets are a project beginners can tackle.” Although the prospect may seem daunting, “updating cabinets is a do-it yourself (DIY) project that many people can master,” the article’s expert assures.

“The project doesn’t require a lot of tools, but it does require patience,” the article goes on to point out. Therefore, you might want to consider replacement of your kitchen cabinets as a tag-team effort. Don’t try to take on the job all by yourself. The cited expert warns, “You have to get the doors off the cabinets, and this might be a two-person job. Door and drawer replacement is the hardest task.”

Once you have removed the doors, you have two affordable options: 1) You can either refinish your existing cabinets, or 2) you can reface your existing cabinets with new door fronts. If you choose the former option, “the prep work is the most time-consuming.” Sanding and painting the door fronts is grunt work but it can be accomplished by a single person. Staining and/or glazing the wood are also finishing options. The article’s source “recommends going to a [kitchen cabinet] showroom to look at the different types of finishes and, of course, new door pulls to finish off the new look.”

But what if you decide to reface your kitchen cabinetry instead? Consultation with a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, including a selection of wood door styles, should be the first step in your agenda. Many considerations will go into the choosing of a new door style. Wood species will be the first decision you’ll have to make. The beautiful, natural woods offered by the most recognized brands of cabinetry for the home include beautiful and natural woods as well as laminate styles. Once you’ve narrowed down the cabinet material, you’ll need to move on to the doors’ shape. This selection may prove more challenging than it sounds with square, arched, slab, raised panel, and recessed panel options to choose from.

Finally, you’ll need to decide whether you want to leave your cabinet doors natural or apply a finish, just as you would if you opted to refinish your existing door fronts. Leading kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer a wide array of standard and premium finishes and glazes to complement any design style. Your specific options will be dependent on the wood or laminate species you’ve chosen.

DuraKraft finish is one of the finest wood finishes available. A combination of clear resin chemistry and ultraviolet screen inhibitors, it provides a custom finish that extends the original color and clarity of your cabinetry’s material while standing up to everyday wear in the kitchen. In fact, a recognized finish testing laboratory tested the DuraKraft finish for resistance to common household chemicals and agents. The result? DuraKraft exceeds all specifications required by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. In addition to chemical testing, DuraKraft was also tested for resistance to extreme temperatures and was found to withstand temperatures below -5ÚF and above 120ÚF for shipment and use in all parts of the world.

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Nov 21, 2009
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Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale – Cabinets That Are Cost Efficient


Kitchen cabinets wholesale are mostly for the home builders or the remodeling contractors, however, there are some wholesaler that allow do-it-your-selfers in to find a bargain. The prices are lower wholesale because the home builders and remodeling contractors are buying in bulk, usually for several jobs at a one time, not just one household like you might be doing. Cabinets wholesale are the middleman in the business of cabinets. They are the ones that the big super centers go to when they need several of the same type or any number of kitchen cabinets at a wholesale price.

KraftMaid makes cabinets that are a streamline, Euro style cabinetry made for the modern kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, laundry room and nearly every room in your house. KraftMaid cabinets offer sleek looking cabinets that only fit in a modern atmosphere, yet they are accessible and affordable to everyone. KraftMaid cabinets provide a custom look, with one of the largest selections of styles, finishes and storage solutions available anywhere. A KraftMaid cabinet does not offer wholesale discounts at this time but may in the near future.

Hoosier cabinets are free-standing, usually very large, kitchen cabinets so named because of where they were manufactured years ago, in Indiana, the Hoosier state. Before the time when houses became larger and came with built in cabinets, kitchens were small and there were no cabinets except the free-standing kind. The Hoosier has many drawers and shelves to hold can goods and miscellaneous cookware in place. Some of the Hoosier cabinets might have built in tin containers with funnels for things such as flour and sugar or salt. Storage is the thing with Hoosier cabinets, the more space, the better. Several of the Indiana manufacturers of Hoosier cabinets might give kitchen cabinets wholesale discounts. Check the Internet for more information.

One thing you need to consider is cabinet handles. Kitchen cabinet handles come in all shapes and sizes and styles. Whatever your kitchen décor maybe, there is a cabinet handle to match it. There are modern kitchen cabinet handles, sleek and bold; there are old-fashioned kitchen cabinet handles for that olden look. For every look, there is a cabinet handle. From KraftMaid to Hoosier kitchen cabinets, there are cabinets handles to fit your design. You can read more free advice on kitchen cabinet online at

Discount kitchen cabinets are cabinets that have been discounted from there original price for one reason or another. This is different than kitchen cabinet wholesale. Discount cabinets are cheaper versions of the more luxurious styles and types, but not less in quality, depending on where you shop for discount cabinets. However, kitchen cabinet wholesale can also be discount cabinets. You can purchase them at the kitchen cabinets wholesale place.

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