Nov 9, 2009
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How to Install Cabinet Door Pulls


Once you finish a cabinet remodel you still need to install the new cabinet pulls. There are a few simple tricks to use to ensure the job goes quickly, smoothly and will look great. So here’s a quick guide on how to install cabinet door pulls.

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out just where you want to put up the new door pulls. Use a little bit of paste to tack the first cabinet pull up onto the cabinet door. You can adjust the pull up, down, left or right until it looks just right.

Now go to the furthest cabinet and stick up another knob in the same general location. Adjust it until it’s in line with the first handle you stuck into place.

Grab a chalk line and a buddy.

Snap the chalk line across the row of cabinets above and below the two knobs you stuck up with the paste. This gives you a reference point for the height of the door pulls. You won’t have to worry about them sitting uneven on the door fronts.

Now you can just measure how deep the door pull is from the edge of the cabinet and you have the measurements you need to install all of the cabinet door pulls.

Now you’ll want to construct a quick template so that all the pulls go up in the same location.

Grab a piece of wood and mark off the offset you just measured.

Drill holes through the wood that line up with the cabinet door pull and attach bolts.

Now you can take the template and hold it up to cabinet door. Stick a pencil through the door and mark the front of the cabinet.

Next use a cordless drill to put holes in all the cabinet doors at the same time. This will save you time from having to switch out between screwdriver and drill after each cabinet.

Once you drilled out all the pilot holes grab one of the bolts from the cabinet and use it as a test fit. Increase the size of your drill bits until you reach the size of the bolt.

Go back and enlarge all the holes to the same size.

Now you can put down the drill and switch to the screwdriver for good.

Slide each bolt through the back of the cabinet doors. Use the screwdriver to tighten the cabinet pulls to the door facing. You don’t want to crank down too hard on the screws you’ll risk stripping the screws and warping the door pulls.

All that’s left to do is clean up all the saw dust from the drilling. Just vacuum it all up and you’re finished!

Hopefully this guide on how to install cabinet door pulls will make your remodeling job a little easier. These are but a few tips to make the job go smoothly. Just snap a few chalk lines make a template and you’ll have new cabinet pulls up in a few short hours.

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Nov 9, 2009
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Recent Kitchen Cabinet Style Trends


Cabinets are among the most essential part of your kitchen that not only greatly affects the overall functionality of the area but the appeal as well. Being the most visually dominant, they get a good amount of attention from homeowners and get a large part of the remodeling budget. Any changes made to them could make the most dramatic statement. And like anything else, kitchen cabinets continue to evolve to meet the changing times and needs of the household. So if you are planning to enliven the heart of your New York home through new or improved kitchen cabinets, better be on the lookout for the most recent styles ideal whether you are in Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island or Queens.

Richer Tones with Bold Colors to Match

The lighter hues of fruitwood and oak have been replaced by cabinetry finishes like Amaretto, Java, Chestnut and Bordeaux while the classic richness of cherry and maple remain famous to updated homeowners and designers. So if you love wood and want to be stylish, the timeless appeal of maple or cherry would work perfectly. The richer tones of these options offer a more luxurious and intimate touch to the cabinets and overall design of the kitchen. And unlike in the past, your countertops to match need not necessarily be neutral. Bold colors to complement the richer tones are also popular.


Though genuine antique kitchen cabinets would be great, the trend does not require them to be true. Brushing techniques can be used to achieve that popular antiqued look which is basically in a glazed or distressed finish mimicking that of well-loved furniture pieces. Glazing makes up for a great alternative to having naked wood doors since onlays are already out.

Sleek Modern and Sophisticated

Clean and contemporary lines are still in when it comes to kitchen cabinet style trends. Mission style is currently standing out with the geometric sleekness but still welcoming feel that it offers. Though the simplicity in façade, organizational features inside kitchen cabinets are getting more and more sophisticated. A number of drawer organizers, swivel or swing-out shelves, roll trays, pull-outs and other innovative features free both the kitchen and even the insides of cabinetry from clutter and eyesores. For easier access to items, the visibility of contents is improved through chrome rails.

Less but More?

Style trends in kitchen designs still dictate an airier look and feel. With this, cutting down on wall cabinets and opening up more space through maximized lighting is the way to go. But even with fewer cabinets, you can still ensure enough or more storage space through innovative organizational features mentioned above.

But like any other trends, not all would look great with it. It is important that you assess everything first before jumping into replacing and improving the look of the kitchen cabinets. Being the building blocks of the kitchen which is the strongest selling point of homes, do not be afraid to invest. Be fashionable and enjoy the added functionality that trendy kitchen cabinets offer.

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Nov 9, 2009
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Should I Overhaul My Cabinet Or Buy a New One


A lot of homeowners find the essence and the necessity to improve their interiors to increase the market value of their homes. Whether you are thinking to sell it again or simply you want to upgrade your house for personal satisfaction, home renovation will guarantee you to have more quality and higher market value of your property. Thus, it is essential that you know the parts and things that must be developed like fixtures and cabinets. But before you begin your remodeling, there are factors that must be considered like it is more beneficial to refurbish or just buy new stuffs. Just like your cabinets, you have to assess if what would be the appropriate job to do with them. In this way, you will be successful in whatever intentions you have for improving these cabinets.

Before you finally decide on what to do with you cabinets, you have to know if they are still in good condition. If you think they still look good, then you might want to just upgrade them. Try to be experimental with your choices. You can have them repainted to make them look good as new. This is very advantageous if you only have limited budget for this job. Apart from that, you will as well be helping preserve the nature since buying or ordering new furniture will only mean there will be more cutting of trees.

Alternatively, if your cabinets seem to be too old for upgrading and there is no room for any kind of enhancement, then you will have to head off to the nearest furniture shop. Cabinets which are already worn out due to pests and termites need to be eliminated in your house. Keeping them will only cause damages to other fixtures due to their bad condition.

Of course, your budget will also be one of the major factors on whether or not you will upgrade or opt for new ones. Secure your budget for the entire home renovation. If you only have set aside a small amount for the furniture and cabinets, then you might as well go for updating them. Bear in mind that you can not expect to have the best quality like new ones have from something that is only improved or enhanced. And whatever the outcome of the home improvement, it can greatly affect the market value of the property.

Looking for the right person to do the upgrading of cabinets is necessary. Consider the recommendations given by your relatives or friends. You can also try to use the internet to find a list of contractors. Try to call them and ask for quotes or suggestions on what to do with your old cabinets. This will help you identify who offers the best services.

Investing on the improvement of your house interiors is definitely a wise decision. You can in fact get the most out of it if you have saved more by upgrading your existing furniture and cabinets instead of getting new ones. This is a good start of maximizing the market value of your house.

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