Apr 16, 2016
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AS SEEN at Charlotte Homeshows

As seen at the Charlotte Homeshows….

LKN Cabinets and Remodeling — is a locally owned and operated kitchen and bath remodeling company.

We have unbelievable pricing on several lines of cabinetry stocked locally. The cabinets come in the varied sizes needed to replace your kitchen cabinets. Some stocked cabinets are even allwood plywood cabinets with solid wood doors and with features like soft closing dovetailed drawers.. These are top of the line cabinets stored and ready for immediate shipment. This means cabinets can be delivered if needed in about a week anywhere in the greater Charlotte area! Pricing is normally 50% off what big box stores would charge you for comparable cabinetry. For a 10 ft x 10 ft kitchen our stocked cabinet price would be on average $3,459 for all new cabinetry- with installation and other services being extra. Pictures below are just some of the cabinets you could get.

Please see our website for more info http://www.LKNcabinets.com or call Brian

Apr 12, 2016
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Kitchen Design

On the face of it, the benefits of purchasing bespoke wood kitchen cabinets may appear to be mainly cosmetic. While the artistry in the design stage, the craftsmanship in the production and the attention to detail in the installation all contribute to a stunning result that will last for decades if treated well, it’s the smaller details that may go unnoticed that can make the biggest difference.

Even the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen can become a source of irritation if certain aspects have been poorly thought out. Thankfully, modern kitchen cabinet design is full of ingenious touches that have been developed from years of experience in making the most of the resources available.

Professional designers of kitchen cabinets are adept at achieving something as practical as it is beautiful, but it’s always handy for the customer to have their own ideas too. Whether utilizing every nook and cranny, including lighting or incorporating green waste solutions, modern kitchen cabinet design is constantly evolving.

Smarter storage space

While cutlery and crockery don’t typically require too much space, storing a large number of other kitchen items can present something of a challenge.

Thanks to their irregular shapes, appliances like blenders or steamers require more space, meaning your cabinets may be filled quicker than you thought they would. Building in more space may be easier said than done, but there are certain areas where old kitchen design would often neglect.

Installing kitchen cabinets above the refrigerator is one way to make the most of the space available. While it may not be the most convenient place to reach every day, it’s ideal for storing large items that are only used occasionally.

For lower kitchen cabinets that back into the dining room, extra shelving can be installed to further maximize space and provide a convenient place for condiments and other mealtime items.

Brighter use of lights

Smartly installed lighting is one of the most important considerations in making a kitchen look its best. However, it’s not all about the aesthetics, as inadequate lighting can lead to safety issues.

Incorporating downlighting in your overhead kitchen cabinets will help ensure the work areas of your kitchen are always well lit, eliminating the chance of light from the main fittings being blocked out, by either yourself or your cabinetry.

With cleverly positioned light switches, your kitchen cabinets can provide all the light you require at the convenient touch of a button; helpful when preparing food, cleaning, as mood lighting, or even to show off your kitchen should you ever come to sell your home.


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Mar 30, 2016
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Choosing the Right Cabinet

Choosing cabinets for the kitchen is the most crucial step to any remodel. Though it’s been considered or not, cabinets go through an ordeal of abuse throughout the years, so it’s important they are strong and dependable as well as attractive enough to increase the home’s value.

Speeding up the process is possible when informed decisions are made in regards to the cabinets, because from there everything else flows with ease. The cabinets should always be the first choice as they are the most dominant feature and also typically take the longest to receive.

Types of Finish

Once one starts searching for kitchen cabinets they will quickly realize there are endless options. These include:

• Laminate
• Hardwood
• Lacquer
• Veneer

Then, there are styles to consider, flat-front, cottage and shaker to name a few; they come in both custom, and Ready to Assemble or RTA cabinets styles. As anyone can see it does get overwhelming. RTA cabinets can easily adorn a kitchen for less than $1,000, whereas high-end cabinets can cost more than some houses! Choosing the right cabinets for a kitchen is made easier when the homeowner knows what they are looking for before they hit the stores.

Just one supplier can offer a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. There are typically several brands with varying quality and prices. They come in both standard sizes, custom and RTA cabinets as mentioned before. Do not judge a cabinet by its type, there are varying levels of durability in all these three options.

Stock or Custom Cabinets – Which is Best?

When it comes to RTA cabinets, they come in both stock and custom options with most manufacturers. Unlike custom cabinets, which are made to the specifications of a particular order, stock cabinets are manufactured in standard sizes. The manufacturer will keep them in inventory, then ships them to various distributors or dealers for sales.

When comparing prices, keep in mind that anything handcrafted to include RTA cabinets is going to cost more than something that is mass-produced. Talent and added time goes into the added cost of a custom cabinet. In addition, custom RTA cabinets need extra building time because they are produced from scratch. Expect up to twelve weeks for them to be ready to ship.

When choosing stock RTA cabinets, the main allure is quick delivery and pricing. They are much less expensive than custom, in some cases up to one-third less than their custom counterparts. If one looks for a direct supplier they can also save big, as they aren’t paying for a brick and mortar store and all the related expenses.

Face Frame or Frameless?

When starting to shop for cabinets, customers will discover there are two main types to consider; face frame and frameless. Most manufacturers will offer one or the other rather than both. Most are face frame, especially in the US.

The face frame style cabinet uses a frame structure and offset hinges, while frameless has a box style of construction. They are composed of ½ inch plywood and the front edges feature a hardwood frame that is typically 1×2. This helps them stay rigid and strong even after hinges art attached. The frame is either flush with the frame or overlay a bit.

RTA Cabinets Are Better than Ever

In closing, buyers should not shy away from RTA cabinets. There is a myth that they are not as sturdy as those that are already assembled, but that is not true! If anything the buyer can rest-assured, they are assembled well because they’ve done it themselves. So, they are saving money and ensuring stability, making them the best bet when it comes to any kitchen remodel.

Domain Cabinets Direct is an online retailer for custom solid wood cabinets. Based in California they happily ship all over the United States and Canada direct to the curbside to make kitchen and bathroom upgrades simple and affordable. In addition to offering quality cabinets in a variety of finishes and styles, they also offer an online design tool and 3D design service. Cabinets can be viewed in the online showroom or in the in-house showroom for those in southern California. Contractors, designers and architects get a 15% discount on top of the already low prices offered. Because the products come direct from the distributor they are offered to you at very low cost. To learn more go to http://www.domaincabinetsdirect.com.

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