Nov 20, 2015
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Quality Cabinets Affordable Pricees

As seen at the Homeshows….

LKN Cabinets and Remodeling — is a locally owned and operated kitchen and bath remodeling company.

We have an unbelievable pricing on one line of cabinetry that is stocked locally. The cabinets feature allwood construction (meaning no particleboard) … they are all plywood cabinets with either birch or maple doors. These are top of the line cabinets stored and ready for immediate shipment. This means cabinets can be delivered usually in about a week anywhere in the greater Charlotte area! Pricing is normally 50% off what big box stores would charge you for comparable cabinetry. For a 10 ft x 10 ft kitchen of our nicest ‘warehoused’ stocked cabinet price would be on average $2,959 for Mocha cabinetry (others being slightly more) with installation and other services being extra. Pictures below are just some of the cabinets you could get.
Please see our website for more info or call Brian at 704-232-5169 for an appointment or just a question

Nov 11, 2015
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Your Kitchen Cabinet One Stop Shop

Remodeling a Kitchen? Call us and we can save you $$$. We are a small cabinet shop with a specialty in stocked affordable quality cabinetry. We have products for most every clients needs ready to ship…. some as quick as 1 week! Give us a call or look us up on the web for some of our past work.

We offer:

FREE Estimates
FREE Initial Design
Same Day Quotes, just email us your layout
Affordable Quality Cabinetry (over 20 stocked doors to choose from)
Great LOW prices in Granite counter tops starting at $35 per sq ft with cabinet purchase

Call us now and SAVE $$

Call or visit our website today for your FREE Estimate!

Nov 6, 2015
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Grey Cabinets

hen cabinets are purchased, people want to have something that is going to be a permanent fixture in the home for awhile. This is going to be very important that they are durable and will last for quite some time. Grey cabinets are something that can be beneficial in some homes.

Every home will have different colors and décor that has to be matched to the cabinets. Some people will try to get something that is going to add value to the home. Other people just want something that is going to be functional for the home.

The kitchen will need a lot of storage space to store food and dishes. Some kitchens are much bigger than others though. Every home will have a different advantage for this.

A homeowner will want the home to be comfortable also. It is not always easy to rearrange the home so that there is enough cabinet space for what the homeowner wants. Remodeling can be expensive sometimes too.

Whether a home is being newly constructed or if it is something that is being remodeled, the price of the cabinets are going to be the same. There are many advantages to having a good quality cabinet in the kitchen. They need to be stylish and provide many different types of storage for the home.

Everybody has a different type of thing that they will be looking for though. Some people want to have a lighter grey color, while someone else may want to have a darker grey color. Other people may not want the color grey at all.

It is important to purchase something that they want instead of something that is on sale. The cabinets should match in the kitchen or in the bathroom. There will be many options to consider though.

They may purchase some that are much taller than others. Some of them may be stackable as well. Every home has a different possibility for the cabinets too.

The type of wood that is used in the cabinet should also be considered. This is because they need to make sure that they are going to be durable. Some woods are much better for cabinets that are located in certain areas of the home.

The quality cabinets that are chosen can be ordered and received in a ready to assemble state instead of already assembled. This can make it much easier to ship them or to haul them. They will not be difficult to put together once they are received.

Step by step instructions are sent with these so that there is no worry to the construction worker. Every home is going to have different places where cabinets are located also. The location of these is going to be very important.

When a homeowner decides to replace the cabinets, this may be because they just want something that is different or may be because they need something different. When people are remodeling, they need to use careful planning.

Most people will have a budget that they need to stick too. There are many different choices in cabinets and the colors of them. The styles are changing all of the time also.

Every homeowner needs something different in their home. They also will have a certain price that they can spend on their cabinets. This can have a big impact on what cabinets are purchased and how many of them can be purchased.

A contractor can get the proper measurements for the homeowner so that they are able to pick out the grey cabinets that they want to have. They have to be able to fit into the allotted space for them though. Every home will have a different set up and different possibilities for the kitchen and bathroom.

About Us: Every homeowner wants to use quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets in their home. Finding cabinets that are functional and look beautiful can be a large task. Check out Domain Cabinets Direct online at for the latest designs of cabinetry. Find the best eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom cabinets that will match any décor and have them shipped to you.

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