Jul 3, 2015
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Affordable cabinets fast: RTA

Cabinets are a common household item for most homes. These cabinets are made with various materials and designs. The designs and materials that are used to construct the cabinet depend on the customer demand and the material available. Most RTA cabinets are made from environmentally friendly materials. RTA cabinets are also mostly user friendly because of the services that accompany these goods as they are delivered to the customers. The different user friendly aspects of RTA cabinets are what contribute largely to their sale.

Ease of Assembly

RTA cabinets are user-friendly since they are easy to assemble. The different parts are bought and due to their unique designs and structures, assembling them is a very easy task. The most user friendly aspect when it comes to the assembly is the joining hems of the cabinet pieces. From the meaning of this company’s name Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) the parts of the cabinet or kitchen piece that you wish to assemble are readily delivered to your home. These cabinets and other merchandise come with step-by-step instruction manuals for the customers to use. These guides also include how to maintain and clean them according to the materials of which they are made. The ease of assembly is also a user-friendly aspect in that it cuts down the costs incurred by employment of labor.

Ease of Delivery

After purchase of an RTA cabinet whether online or off-the-shelf, delivery is a very fast process. The company has ensured that over the years, delivering of their goods from their esteemed customers is very fast and effective. RTA has ensured that delivery is done in the least time possible after purchase to be able to maintain customer trust. Unlike other companies whose shipping duration could range from 8 to 9 weeks, shipping of goods is done in a short period of 2 to 3 weeks. The goods are also delivered at the customer’s doorstep and also at very friendly prices. This aspect of delivery is very user friendly since they do not have to get the goods on their own. All they have to do is send a message to the dealers of these goods and delivery is as good as done.

Cabinet Prices

RTA cabinets and other merchandise are priced well. The costs are considered according to the material that was used to make the merchandise. In that way, the value of the cabinet is fair and the user is able to choose which material and designed cabinet they wish to choose. The user friendly aspect of these cabinets is that you can receive a good discount according to the cabinet you have purchased. Users therefore promote the industry attracted by the discount and at the same time, the RTA cabinet company increases its revenue.

The user friendly aspect of RTA cabinets is based on the customers’ desires and needs. The company is therefore capable of improving their user-friendliness not only in the kind of merchandise quality but also with respect to the services that they offer their esteemed customers and potential others.

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Jun 26, 2015
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Custom or Stocked Cabinets?

There are many choices to be made when remodeling your kitchen. From color choices, layout, style, and type of materials to be used throughout the kitchen. With so many choices to be made, you may not know where to start.

I personally recommend to my clients to first decide on what TYPE of cabinetry they want. There are two main choices of cabinetry to choose from. Custom Built Cabinets or Ready Made Cabinets, also known as Stock Cabinets. The main investment in your kitchen is the cabinetry you choose. When chosen correctly, it makes the kitchens ease of use and pleasure of cooking a whole lot better.

To make an informed decision, its important to know the differences between the two types of cabinets.

Ready made cabinets also known as “stock cabinets” are usually made ahead of time and stocked by a distributor ready for sale. These cabinets come in specified pre-made sizes ranging from 9″ to 48″ in width, usually in 3″ increments. Because ready made cabinets have specified sizes, they limit the options for cabinet height, width and depth, which may limit the space available in irregular shaped kitchens, and can make fitting in extra large appliances difficult. Also, ready made cabinets are most likely made of thinner materials and lesser quality components such as the hinges, etc. These ready made or stock cabinets need to have fillers used, which are wood pieces that are similar to the color of the cabinetry, that fill in the extra space left over between the cabinets.

Custom made cabinetry allows you to utilize the space of the kitchen to the fullest extent. By having your cabinets custom made you get to choose between options that may not be available to you with ready made cabinetry. Some of these choices you get to decide with custom built cabinets are the depth, height, width, type of wood and choice of color that suits your needs and taste buds. Being able to choose which height, size and depth, allows you to maximize the space available to you, because the cabinetry is built and designed however you choose, giving you the features you desire, such as deeper spaces for large dishes. Also, there is no need for the use of fillers with custom cabinets, as they are made to fit exactly as needed. The higher quality construction and features of custom built cabinets means your kitchen will be enjoyed for much longer and will make your cooking, storage and overall use of your kitchen more enjoyable! Most likely custom built cabinets will only be slightly more expensive. But the slight extra cost will be worth it, as you get exactly what you want.

Los Angeles remodeling contractor Joe Grimberg, with State Wide Construction and Remodeling, LA, has been turning remodeling wishes into reality for over 20 years. He offers FREE estimates for all remodeling projects in Los Angeles.

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Jun 17, 2015
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Cabinets tips for finding the one for you

Are you planning to renovate your house? If yes, then you should pay special attention towards the kitchen and bathroom. Generally, people put all their money in the living room and bedroom, which is not right. It is very important to renovate the bathroom and kitchen in a perfect manner, so that each and every part of the house looks equally beautiful. We are living in the world where everything is ready made.

People don’t have time to waste on the construction of products. They want ready-to-assemble products, which they can buy from the local or online store and install it right away. When renovating the kitchen and bathroom, RTA cabinets are the most popular products among the people. It is easier for the sellers to ship RTA cabinets. Even the customers like RTA cabinets because they don’t have to call up any carpenter to install the cabinets.

The customers will also get a user manual along with the actual product that contains all the information on how to install the cabinet perfectly. This means that you can save money on hiring a professional to install cabinets. The cost of shipping will also be less due to the less weight of the product. It is important to compare the prices of the RTA cabinets before buying. There are so many companies available in the market today, so you can’t just stick to one company. It is vital to get quotes from at least five companies, so that you can choose the company with the lowest quote. If you are spending money in the renovation process, then you should pay attention towards the quality of the products.

You can get custom RTA cabinets in case you have any specific requirements. The dimension of the cabinets should match perfectly with the door style, construction materials and box. Moreover, it should match the drawer slide and hinge mechanisms as well. After choosing the right cabinets, it is important to consider the price of the cabinets. You must have outlined a specific budget for the entire renovation process, so you must find ways to keep the cost within the budget. There is not much difference in the price of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

When you are buying the custom white cabinets from an online store, then you won’t have to pay per-item shipping costs. You can pay the entire cost at one time, which would be a lot lesser. By ordering more products at a time, you can significantly reduce the shipping cost. The RTA industry is very competitive, therefore the price continues to fluctuate. So, if you are planning to buy kitchen and bathroom cabinets, then buy it now, or else the price will go up next week. Choosing a dealer is perhaps the most important point when buying the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The dealer you have chosen must have a good customer base.

Moreover, he/she should have a huge variety of products because every customer has his/her own unique specifications and needs, so a dealer must have a wide range of products to satisfy all of them. The cabinets are available in two styles – slab and shaker. The slab style is simple, smooth and elegant. On the other hand, the shaker style has more texture. You can choose according to your taste and requirements. It is necessary to do a little research before buying the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You can save your precious time if you know exactly what you are looking for. You can ask your friends and relatives in case they know any place to find the best kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Domain Cabinets Direct is an online store that specialises in solid wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They have a large collection of stock and all of their items are delivered ready-to-assemble. Their collection is geared towards the modern end of the spectrum, with clear lined styles that are popular for modern kitchens and bathrooms. They have many choices, including dark wood, but most of their cabinets are made of bamboo, birch, maple, cherry, or oak. They do have cost effective options and they do focus on the value shopper. They can be contacted through their website or through their free phone line. You can visit their website at http://www.domaincabinetsdirect.com

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