Jul 28, 2014
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Cabinets to the ceiling or not?

Should you install kitchen cabinets right to the ceiling or leave a space? This is a common question that most homeowners struggle with. There is no right or wrong answer to the question, but there are some challenges and design features to consider

1) The height of your ceilings- ceiling height will not only have an impact on whether you will have enough room to leave a space above your cabinets, but it will also impact the size cabinets you can use. With 30″ wall cabinets, if you use the industry standard of 19 1/2″ between your base and wall cabinets, you will need a minimum of 84″ in height, and with 42″ cabinets you will need a minimum of 96″… if you planning on installing crown moulding or leaving a space, that will have an impact on the size of the cabinets that you can use and whether you will have to install them to the ceiling or leave a space

2) Contour of the ceiling- one of the biggest misconceptions is that your ceiling is completely level. Even in new construction the ceiling, just like the floor, will have some variances in height (the better the builder, the more accurate they will be). While it may not be obvious when just looking at your ceiling, trying to install cabinets right up the ceiling can reveal some significant high and low spots. Since your cabinets should always be level, regardless of the ceiling conditions, you will want to accurately note all of the high and low spots before deciding how you are going to install the kitchen cabinets. This is one of the reasons that most people leave some empty space above the cabinets or use crown moulding. The crown moulding can help hide all the imperfections in the ceiling.

3) Crown Moulding and Trim- As I mentioned before, it may be necessary to use crown or trim above your kitchen cabinets to help hide any variances. Even if your ceilings are level, it is quite common for people to use crown moulding or trim at the top of the cabinets to add some architectural detail to the kitchen. Depending on whether the crown moulding has to be attached to the top of the cabinets or to the face frame, it will have an impact on what level you can install your cabinets at.

4) The style of your kitchen cabinets- with European-style cabinets and some of the newer trends on the market, the kitchen cabinets have a full overlay door, which means there is little or no room between the door and the top of the cabinet. Because of this, it make it difficult to install the wall cabinets right up to the ceiling.

So before shopping for kitchen cabinets, it is important to consider the look that you are going for, the style of cabinets that you are going to buy, and the condition of the space you will be installing them in.

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Jul 15, 2014
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Our Builder line Just Added a White Shaker


WOLF Home Products is the fastest growing cabinet line in America. Why? Because only WOLF combines the beauty and style homeowners want with the quality construction and long-lasting durability contractors demand—all at an extremely affordable price.

WOLF Builders Mark Cabinets continues that tradition, offering solid wood doors and face frames and 1/2″ industrial grade furniture board drawers and cabinet sides in three rich stains and an all-new white painted finish. All Builders Mark Cabinets come with fully adjustable 1/2″ shelves, fully concealed self-closing hinges and an easy-clean interior.

Plus, Builders Mark allows you to make your kitchen your own, with dozens of storage solutions and functional and decorative accessories.

Builders Mark Cabinets are available only from independent retailers, where you’ll also find the experience and service you need to buy with confidence.


Stained Maple/Painted Birch
Jul 10, 2014
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5 Benefits of Frameless Glass Showers

If you’re like most people, you’ll be very familiar with a ‘standard’ shower enclosure or door. One made of glass and framed with metal, that is. The glass used in these doors is traditionally quite thin and therefore inexpensive. However, the glass needs the metal frame in order to support and strengthen it enough for it to fulfill its’ purpose.

There is now another option, which is becoming increasingly popular. It is the frameless glass shower door.

This is made out of thicker, tempered (i.e. strengthened) glass. This means that no metal is needed to strengthen and support the door, only to secure the panels to your wall or shower unit.


As the door is made of thicker glass, it will last 3 or 4 times as long as the traditional design. Naturally, this is a huge benefit as it’s uncommon for people to replace their bathrooms frequently.

Another clear (no pun intended…) benefit is the look. A frameless glass shower door gives a much cleaner, more streamlined, modern, minimalist look to your bath or shower room.

Benefit number 3 is added value to your home. We all know that the 2 rooms which sell a house are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Have you ever got into your shower and looked at all the dirt and grime that the frame is harboring? I know I have…and there then followed a cleaning frenzy! A frameless glass shower door has next to nowhere for dirt and grime to lurk in, making keeping them clean and hygienic much easier. After all, who wants to spend time cleaning the shower? Serious benefit!

The glass comes in different finishes -clear, frosted, patterned etc. While the same can be said of doors with frames, the beauty of a frameless glass shower door is more obvious as is your choice of the finish or pattern of the glass.

All in all, there are a number of significant benefits to considering a frameless glass shower door the next time you upgrade you bathroom.

Next, see examples of how YOUR shower could look with a frameless glass shower [http://framelessglassshowerdoor.net] door.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jemma_Jackson