Feb 15, 2017
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Spring and Garden Charlotte Homeshow Almost Here!

SOUTHERN Spring Home & Garden Show

LKN Cabinets

LKN Cabinets

A provider of 7 different brands of cabinets. We also can handle your entire Kitchen and Bath Remodel. We focus on quality work at affordable prices. LKN Cabinets and Remodeling serves the entire Charlotte region and has 12+ years of experience. FREE estimates and initial design. Check us out on Angies List as a top provider year after year!
Feb 10, 2017
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Nice Kitchen Cabinets Key to Kitchen

The kitchen cabinets you choose add both style and functionality to your space. Consider all options before making a final decision to ensure that you will be happy with your final choice for many years.

Door Styles

Doors are one of the main features that contribute to the overall style of kitchen cabinets. Popular doors include the Shaker style, which features a flat center panel with a frame surrounding it on all four sides. Shaker doors are simple in nature with clean lines. Flat-panel doors have absolutely no detailing on their fronts, making them ideal for people seeking to add a minimalist flair to a home. Inset doors tend to be one of the most expensive options. This style actually sits inside the frame instead of resting on the outside. Exposed hinges are a hallmark of this type of cupboard. Louvered doors add a distinct beauty to any home, but they usually have a higher price tag.


Wood is the standard for kitchen cabinets. Some woods such as cherry will darken as they age, while others such as maple may become lighter in color. Anyone who wants a strong grain pattern that will show through the stain should choose a wood like oak. Other grains such as maple are less dominant, meaning they won’t remain as visible through staining. Other material options include laminate, glass, and even metal.

Colors and Finishes

Staining and painting are two common finishes for kitchen cabinets. Staining allows the grains of the wood to show through, while painting covers the surface and provides a smooth appearance without variation. Anyone seeking a traditional effect might choose stained doors instead of painted ones. Painted cupboards offer virtually limitless options to match any hue and any decor. Other decorative finishes include glazing the paint or distressing it.

Hardware Options

Hardware can come in a variety of metals and other materials, including bronze, nickel, chrome, and brass. It can have a dynamic impact on the overall appearance of cupboards. You can create a minimalistic design with traditional drawer pulls and knobs, or dress up your cupboards with modern variations.

Innovative Features

Finish cupboards with other innovative features. A swiveling basket inside the cupboard easily pulls out to allow full access to items. A pull-down system makes it easier to reach high cupboards because you simply grasp the mechanism and pull it down.

Have fun outfitting the kitchen with attractive and innovative cupboards.

When considering kitchen cabinets, Sarasota residents visit Kirkplan Kitchens. Learn more at http://www.kirkplankitchens.com/kitchen-remodeling-services.html.

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Feb 3, 2017
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Some RTA Cabinets are worth looking into

If you want to renovate your house in the least amount of time, then you must opt for the Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) products. In the current scenario, kitchen and bathroom cabinets are coming in Ready to Assemble form. There are many benefits of using the RTA cabinets. These are available at a number of stores, whether online or actual stores. The cabinet dealers will send the RTA cabinets to your house in different parts. You just have to unwrap the packaging and assemble the cabinet. Once it is done, you can install it in the kitchen or bathroom.

The benefits of buying the custom RTA cabinets are that you are going to save a lot of money on the shipping and hiring the contractor to install the RTA cabinets. If you don’t know how you can save money on the shipment, then let me tell you that the parts of the cabinets are put in the separate boxes, thus reducing the weight. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind before shopping for the RTA cabinets, such as the colour, design, shape and features of the RTA cabinets. When considering the price of the RTA cabinets, always include the shipping costs.

You don’t have to add the per-item shipping cost because when the company sends you the shipment, it will act as a one unit. In case, the company is charging you for every single item, then you should reject that company straight away. Some companies offer a variety of options on some of the selected products, so you can find those products and make use of the benefits. I would also like to mention that the prices can change very quickly in the RTA world because this particular industry is quite competitive.

The changes in the price are done by the manufacturers, which in turn force the dealers to change to do the same. This is the reason for the fluctuation in the price. There could be several reasons for the fluctuation in the price. The price is not the only reason to worry for the consumers. The operation of the dealers must also be considered. In order to find the best dealers, it is essential to read the testimonies given by the customers who have used the RTA cabinets. If the customers have given good feedback to the dealer, then it will help you decide in a better way.

The quality of the RTA cabinets and the reputation of the dealer should be the two things you should look for. I have also seen some dealers giving a price match guarantee, so that the order can be made more affordable. You may feel a bit annoying when looking for the RTA cabinets on the internet because they all look like the same and the dealers also recycle the popular names over and over again. So, avoid looking at such websites. There are two types of cabinet types available these days, shaker and flat type. If you like generic style cabinets, then you must opt for shaker cabinets.

If you want plain style cabinets, then you should consider buying the flat style cabinets. The reputation and behaviour of the dealer will help make you a better decision. The looks of your kitchen and bathroom are going to change completely by installing the right RTA cabinets. If you have no problems in buying things online, then you have got a plenty more options because the online stores have 5 to 10 times more products available than the local store. You can even ask your friends and family members, just in case they know where to buy the right RTA cabinet

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