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Oct 6, 2009
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Modern Kitchen Design – 5 Great Ideas

Planning a modern kitchen design? Well, here are five great bits of advice I can offer you on getting every element of your plans bang on perfect.

Let’s start by talking about planning. A modern kitchen could look and feel any number of ways but what will determine how yours looks is your lifestyle. Think about how often you use your kitchen, what you use it for and the type of things you do in there. Then write down all the things you need to have in there to enable you to work better. Planning isn’t the most glamorous part of any kitchen design, but you’ll be rewarded for your work by the end of the process.

The second tip is choosing the right materials. You’ll want to invest money in strong materials that not only look beautiful and modern but also last for as long as you need them to. Things like stainless steel are popular in modern kitchen design and will also stand the test of time. Make sure you think about every little thing you put into your kitchen and consider if you’ll get your value out of it.

Next, incorporate an island into your kitchen. No modern kitchen design is complete without a central unit these days. An island can also be remarkably functional and you can have it purpose built to suit your own needs. For instance, if you do a lot of cooking you can have a sink or chopping board built in. An island is also useful for entertaining guests so if you have a lot of dinner parties, it will usually become the central hub of activity.

Make sure you keep those lines clean. When I say this I mean that in a modern kitchen design, all the surfaces should have very straight edges and line up perfectly. A nifty tip is to ensure you overhead cupboards reach the ceiling. This is something that easily gets overlooked but can really give you that streamline effect, which is essential for a modern looking kitchen.

Last but by no means least; involve yourself in the process from start to finish. If you’re passionate about how you want your kitchen to look then make sure you stay on top of the design process right through to the fitting. Designers and builders will take liberties and make key decisions if you don’t make yourself clear. Stay involved with the project and see it through to the finish. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning modern kitchen.

Thomas Baugh offers more advice on planning a modern kitchen at the Kitchen Design Site.

Article Source: Thomas Baugh