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Mar 29, 2014
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Granite or Quarts: That’s the Question

Granite or Silestone: That’s the Question

Silestone CountertopsBlanco-Zeus Silestone Kitchen

Customers ask me this all the time:  What material is better for kitchen countertops, granite or Quartz (one brand name example is silestone)?  Well, I’m a bit partial, but I will be as honest as I can on this subject.  They are both wonderful products and each have pros and cons.

Let’s talk about Silestone first.  Silestone is a man-made quartz product that comes in 2cm and 3 cm thicknesses and a variety of beautiful rich colors.  Silestone is made with anti-bacterial magic stuff put into all slabs, thus the need for sealing is not necessary.  Silestone is also a more flexible material, thus eliminating the need for plywood decking for support.  Although sometimes decking will still be required so the drawers do not interfere with the edge lamination.  Your builder or granite fabricator should be able to help you with this option.

Granite is a natural stone that is quarried from all over the world, sliced to 2 cm and 3cm thicknesses, polished and imported to our area.  All natural stone varies in its porosity, but all natural stone should be sealed.  This may sound scary, but it is not.  Sealing is included in all installations by Queen of the Tile.  This process should last 2 – 3 years depending on how you are cleaning your countertops.  I encourage all our customers to use a Stone Tech product called Revitalizer.  It is a cleaner and a sealer, so everytime you are using it, you are re-sealing your tops and should never have any problems.

Have you figured it out yet?  I believe that  whatever shortfalls granite or silestone  may have, these issues can be easily overcome one way or another.  So I tell my customers to pick the color that best suits their decor and just go with it!

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Feb 7, 2014
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Updated Photo Album

Where are excited to unveil our new photo album online. It is more easy to navigate thru the many affordable kitchen and bathroom remodels we have done over the last few years. Of course, it shows only a small amount of the work we are done but we are not photographers! Most of pics come from clients who share the pictures they take after we are complete. Thanks again to all of our great clients for those.

Brian Powers

LKN Cabinets and Remodeling


Jun 10, 2013
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Tricks to buying Affordable Cabinets

Most people do not know there is more than one way to buy affordable kitchen cabinets that provide the beauty and functionality you want and the price you want to pay. Most people think there are only three price options: knock down, stock and custom cabinetry. You can take advantage of a little-known fact to get the beauty and flexibility of custom work for the same price as what most people think of as inexpensive kitchen cabinets. Continue reading »