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Oct 20, 2015
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Today’ Kitchen Remodeling

Decades ago, kitchens were designed with modern technology in mind, however modern technology today is very different from the technology which was used years ago. Today’s kitchen users have very different needs from the needs of those who originally designed the kitchens. Therefore kitchen remodeling is becoming more and more popular. Remodeling is the art of redesigning and renovating a kitchen to make it more suitable for the needs of the home owner.

Today’s homeowners are trying to deal with a much larger range of tools and gadgets than homeowners used to have. Trying to find somewhere to put these things can be difficult if your kitchen is designed incorrect, or with a previous era in mind. Kitchen remodeling can help you to make better use of the space that you have available. Although some people are able to have their kitchen extended, others are forced to work with the limited space which is available. A professional remodeler will be able to come up with an appropriate design. This can include making extra space for the things you need, by taking out all of the things you don’t need. For example, when you renew your kitchen, you can choose to install a range of all in one gadget, rather than having separate tools. Other ideas may involve innovate fold away solutions.

Older kitchen spaces also sometimes fail to take health and safety concerns into mind. Kitchen remodeling will allow you to make great improvements which can help to protect you and your family. This can include childproofing areas which toddlers could hurt themselves on or putting in different flooring so there is less of a slip and trip hazard. If your current floor is a slip or trip hazard, you should take action because accidents in the kitchen can have serious consequences. Another concern is food hygiene and storage safety. If your kitchen is not designed correctly, the oven and the fridge could end up being right next to each other. This can be dangerous, because the food in your fridge may warm up as you cook. This can encourage bacterial growth and is a major food poisoning risk. Professional kitchen remodeling experts will work with your ideas to help to mitigate risk.

Having a kitchen environment that you enjoy can also help to improve your health. Research has shown that people are more likely to spend time preparing food in a kitchen if the space is suitable for them, and meets their needs. Spending time preparing fresh food rather than having takeaways or ready meals is a great way to improve your health, because you can take charge of what you are eating. If you intend to cook for yourself and your family regularly, kitchen remodeling can help you to create the kitchen of your dreams, meaning that you will actually enjoy spending time there.

Kitchen remodeling is a great solution if your kitchen does not meet your needs. Choose to create a space where you want to spend time.

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Sep 23, 2015
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Kitchen Remodel Made Easy

You should consider doing business with a kitchen renovations company, whether it is hiring them to remodel your kitchen, or if you need to purchase items so you can redo your kitchen on your own. Regardless of who will remodel your kitchen, you should take some ideas in consideration. Read the rest of this article to get some ideas on how you can renovate your kitchen.

Get Some New Cabinets
One of the best ways to renovate your kitchen is by getting some brand new cabinets. You can either hire a kitchen renovation based company to install your cabinets, or you can simply buy some cabinets from a professional cabinet retailer, and install the cabinets yourself. There are many different types of cabinets you can get, so finding ones that you really like is quite easy to do. Take the time to check out the different styles of cabinets, and then make your choice.

New Tiles Can Make Your Kitchen Look Brand New
If you really want to give your kitchen a makeover, then you should install some brand new tiles. If you want to give your kitchen a major makeover, but do not want to spend a lot of money, then think about having glass tiles installed. Glass tiles will make your kitchen look as if it underwent a major renovation. If you cannot, or do not, want glass tiles, then porcelain tiles may be a great option for you. Porcelain tiles are very attractive and they are durable, which means that your tiles will look brand new, even after years have passed. However, you have many choices to choose from, as your options are not just limited to glass and porcelain tiles.

Do Something With The Walls
Many people will focus on different ways to renovate their kitchen, but they often neglect the walls. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, then do something with your kitchen walls. There are a few different things you can do with your kitchen walls. One of the easiest ways to redo your walls is by painting them, or by getting some wallpaper. If painting or wallpapering is not your thing, then consider having laminate walls installed. Laminate walls look great and they are very affordable to get.

Counter Tops Are Also A Must
No kitchen renovation would be complete without brand new counter tops installed. Marble counter tops have a unique look to them, and they come in different designs. Granite tops are also worth getting. Both marble and granite look great and are very durable. Counter tops can drastically change the appearance of your kitchen, but it is a good idea to take the time to choose the appropriate counter tops.

As you can see from all of the above information, you can easily give your kitchen a makeover. As mentioned earlier, you can either hire a kitchen renovation based company to renovate your kitchen, or you can choose to do a renovation on your own. The choice is up to you, but you should look into renovating your kitchen.

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Jul 25, 2015
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Plywood Construction for Cabinets, is it Better?

What’s the difference? Does it really matter if cabinets are constructed using melamine or plywood? Here are the facts pertaining to melamine:

    1. The way it looks. When I show a customer a veneered piece of plywood vs. a piece of melamine for cabinet construction, 9 times out of 10, after looking at the depth, construction, and strength of the plywood, they are more inclined to ask for the plywood constructed cabinets than the melamine.
    1. When it gets wet or damp, it swells and comes apart! Does this make any sense? Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry cabinets are in wet areas. I can’t count the number of customers who have asked me why their melamine cabinets smell musty, are disintegrating, moldy, and the doors and drawers no longer close properly – “We just had them installed a few years ago” they tell me.
    1. Traditional melamine is really heavy.
    1. Light-weight melamine is ridiculous! It breaks, chips really easily, splinters, de-laminates, can’t hold a screw or nail, and is so thin, I can’t figure out how they can even make something with a veneer the thickness of paper! The melamine substrate looks like stained cardboard.
    1. Will not hold a screw for long (even confirmats), especially after the customer starts opening the doors. A few months down the road – they fall off! For example, I recently disassembled a melamine kitchen that was only a few years old that was built using glued and stapled 3/4″ material from one of those big box home improvement retailers. With only a hammer, it only took 10-15 minutes to knock down about 12 cabinets. They literally fell apart with a couple of blows. I removed the doors by simply pulling on them with one hand… I merely ripped the doors and hinges off in a single motion.
    1. It smells!
    1. Chips easily when cutting if the blade is not sharp all the time.
    1. Difficult to work with.
    1. The ends use edge-band – basically melamine strips with glue on them that are affixed to cover the particle board (saw dust) between the melamine sheets using heat.
    1. De-lamination issues. The melamine separates from the particle board that’s between the melamine sheets.
    1. Surface breaks when using screws.
    1. Sub-materials degrade over time (joints loosen).
    1. Hinges loosen easier over time (door sags).
    1. Will not hold moldings well without glue or nailers.
  1. Cheap (both ways).

Choosing melamine cabinets or plywood cabinets is really a choice that is up to you. There are pros and cons to each of these materials. After reviewing the summary below of the pros and cons of each material, you can then make a decision on what to use for your cabinets.


Although melamine may be strong enough to do your cabinets, plywood tends to be stronger. This in turn makes your cabinets withstand more.


Hinges tend to break away a lot sooner using melamine cabinet’s verses plywood cabinets.


Drawers also tend to break away using melamine cabinet’s verses plywood cabinets. See Screws below.


Melamine doesn’t hold screws as well as plywood, and tend to chip away when screwing one in.


Plywood is more expensive than melamine.


Melamine wipes down very easy. Plywood is a bit harder to clean.


Plywood must be finished by a varnish, paint, or stain – of your choice. Melamine comes pre-finished in a variety of colors.

Daniel A. Derkum is the owner of DAD’s Construction, a leading South Orange County, California design-and-build remodeling and renovation contractor,

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