Oct 20, 2009
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Kitchen Remodeling: Should You Buy New Appliances?


The decision to remodel the kitchen is a decision thousands of home owners make each year. Change is one of the more common reasons that homeowners use for remodeling.
Without realizing it, you will enter your kitchen about eight times a day, on average. However, over time, your kitchen may become lack luster and won’t excite you anymore. If this sounds like you, you may be ready for a change. By remodeling your kitchen, not only will you get the change you are craving, but a sense of accomplishment as well.

The first thing you need to decide when remodeling your kitchen is to decide what it means to you. For instance, would you be happy with simply putting down new flooring, or maybe a couple of updated light fixtures would do the trick for you? But when you really get the bug, nothing will satisfy it short of redoing the whole room, floors, walls, counters, everything! The time and money spent on your kitchen remodel job is almost always worth it.

But, once the job is done, you may find there is something that isn’t quite right. Despite your best efforts, you have left something out. What could it be? You have new flooring, lighting, counter, sinks and counters. You’ve painted the walls and even put up new decorations. What have you overlooked?

The answer is appliances. If you change everything but the appliances, it’s like cleaning the bedroom but not making the bed. It just feels unfinished. After all, you can put hundreds if not thousands of dollars into your new kitchen, not to mention the hours of work, so, why would you not put in new appliances? It may be advisable to put it in your budget when doing your initial shopping, to give your kitchen a whole new look when you get it done.

A lot of home owners find that replacing the appliances is the update they are looking for. Instead of changing everything about the kitchen, try to envision what it would look like with a stove and refrigerator in another color or how about a stainless steel look to the kitchen? This could be a fun update to do as well, especially if your appliances are older. If you have the traditional top bottom freezer and fridge, how about a side by side model? How about fun features like ice and water in the door and pull out shelves. If it has been a while since you have looked at refrigerators, you are going to be amazed. The same goes with ovens and ranges. You can get ovens that you can program ahead of time so dinner is ready when you get home.

When it comes to replacing your appliances, be it the dishwasher, refrigerator, toaster, oven, microwave, or blender you will find that your choices are almost unlimited. Between the manufactures, models, features, colors and sizes, you will defiantly want to make sure you do your home work before you settle on one particular brand. The nice thing about having so many choices is that you will find something to match your décor.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to update your kitchen from a complete gut which would include all new flooring, paint and wall paper along with new counters and cabinets. Or your can make it a seemingly smaller job and replace your appliances. But do not let the idea that you are ‘just’ going to replace the appliances fool you. There is still plenty of home work to be done and decisions to be made.

Lee Dobbins writes for Kitchen Decorating Ideas where you can get tips on kitchen remodeling for any budget as well as read more articles on kitchen decorating.

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