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Nov 8, 2013
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Finding a Quality Cabinet

f you are planning for a kitchen renovation or shopping for a new kitchen, it is important to choose correctly what should go with your new kitchen. If you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, isn’t it just right to make it a functional space with all the possible comforts it can offer? Additionally, it should be durable to last for a long time and withstand against possible heavy use.

You will find that most kitchen cabinets are made of different kinds of materials, depending on the price tag. These are often made of particleboard, plywood, medium density fiberboard (MDF). Rarely can you find kitchen cabinets that are made completely out of solid wood. Continue reading »

Nov 6, 2013
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Picking out Hardware for your Cabinets (ie, Pulls and Knobs!)

When selecting cabinet hardware for your kitchen or bath you should first determine if your cabinets have existing holes in them. If you have existing holes drilled you will need to make sure your new cabinet hardware will fit in the holes. For example if your cabinets are drilled for cabinet pulls you will need to measure the distance between the holes. The new pulls will need to match your existing conditions. If you have single holes drilled in your cabinets you may have to use knobs in this situation as pulls normally require two screws and may not end up in the correct location on the cabinet door or drawer. Most cabinet pulls have a 3 inch screw hole spacing. However, pulls can come in many other dimensions. If your cabinets are brand new chances are they do not have holes drilled in them. In this case you have many more options. Continue reading »

Jun 13, 2013
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Master Bathroom Floorplans

Master Bath Floor Plans

Space restrictions often influence the layout of a bath. With these tips learn how to make the most of your bath, no matter how big or small.By Megan Boettcher

Small Bath Floor Plan

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