Oct 21, 2009
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How to Remodel Kitchen Cabinets by Yourself


There are a number of different methods you can use to remodel your kitchen cabinets, the method you choose will ultimately depend on how much money you have available to spend on this project. It will also depend on what you intend to achieve. If you are on a small budget then you can refinish existing cabinets in order to give them an updated look, if you have more money then you could consider replacing the cabinets with new ones. When you are considering remodeling kitchen cabinets you should also consider the rest of the room.

You can make your existing cabinets look like new by refinishing them. First you have to sand them down, and then painting them in your chosen color. In order to make this project easier you should remove all the handles and door pulls so you can get the whole surface evenly painted. It’s important to make sure the surface is prepared properly otherwise the paint may start to flake off. If it is necessary you can use solvent based solutions in order to remove old paint work.

While you are preparing the surfaces you should also make sure the woodwork is cleaned and sanded to an even level. This is important so that when the job is completed there won’t be any imperfections, and all the doors will match. When you have finished sanding make sure you remove all of the dust before painting or staining. You should treat the doors the same so that they all look the same.

Create a Display Case

You can use glass doors in your kitchen cabinets to create a beautiful display case for your glass ware, or fancy china. If you have an L shaped cabinet and want to turn it into a display case then you could consider using sliding glass doors. By using glass doors in your kitchen cabinets you can make your kitchen appear much bigger.

While you are remodeling your kitchen cabinets it is important to realize that you may have to loosen your work surfaces slightly so that you can repaint the visible faces of the carcasses. If you’re going to do a job then you should do it properly! There’s nothing worse than a horrible streak of different colored paint work running along the top of your cabinets. This is also a great opportunity to clean any of the crumbs and dirt that has accumulated in these crevices over the years.

If your kitchen cabinets are in very poor condition then you may need to remove them from the wall in order to carry out all this work. If you remove the cabinets and sit them on the floor you will often find the project is much quicker. It is a slight nuisance to remove everything from your cabinets and then take them down, but personally I think it’s worth it!

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Oct 21, 2009
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Kitchen Remodeling Budget – Important Tip to Consider That Can Help You Spend Less Than Necessary


The costs of household appliances have skyrocketed throughout the United States and lots of other countries of the world in recent years, and the recent credit crunch and financial crisis have not exactly made things a lot easier for most homeowners.

Home improvement has certainly become a major pecuniary challenge for many property holders such that even the thought of kitchen remodeling no longer crops up very often. However in spite of all these conditions, it is still possible to realize the kitchen of your dreams if you can just bring the right forces together. And the first thing that comes to mind which can help you far more than anything else is to have a budget before talking about remodeling your kitchen.

In drawing up a budget for your kitchen remodeling, there are a few very important details that you should take into consideration. Basically, they are centered on what needs to be done for the cooking space, and what can be put away until another time.

Sincerely, the best way to remodel your kitchen is to see to it that nothing is left out for another time or a later date, especially if you can afford to get it all done at one time. As simple as this tip sounds, it can help you get it all done once and for all and for far less than necessary. Remember – it’s not compulsory to buy all those expensive fittings and designs for your kitchen. Take it gradually and only spend what you can afford to spend, rather than spending far more than is necessary.

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Kitchen Remodeling ROI – Return On Investment


The cost for your kitchen remodeling project should be based on the value of your home. Investing too much could lead to a poor return on investment or a home valued outside the local market expectations. 15% of home value is a good rule of thumb for a kitchen remodeling budget. Following 15% of home value, it is not inconceivable to get 80% to 90% or more return on investment.

Usually you can expect a lower return on investment for more major remodeling projects due to the increased cost involved in a major remodeling project. If a kitchen has been neglected or is dilapidated you can expect a lower return on investment because much of the cost is consumed by bringing the kitchen to a livable standard rather than actual improvements.

A 100% return on investment is possible. But rather than working designing towards that figure, consider livability as a major component in your kitchen remodeling project budget. Especially if you plan on living at the home for some time to come. You might even love your new kitchen so much that you forget about any notion of selling and moving out.

New kitchen appliances can often be all that is needed in a kitchen remodel project, and can be relatively inexpensive since there is no labor involved other than delivery and installation. Plus, since new, good quality appliances are pleasing to prospective buyers, they can have a favorable return on investment.

Your homes size and your neighborhood should be considered too. If your improvement or remodeling project are extensive compared to the rest of the neighborhood or size of the home, then a high expectation of return on investment may be unrealistic.

You can also consult a local real estate agent to get a good idea of how extensive of a kitchen remodeling project to fund. A good real estate agent with knowledge of your neighborhood should be able to give a good indication of your remodeling project ideas effect on the value of your home. Even if your remodel project is for your own satisfaction, and you have no intent on selling and moving, a real estate agent will usually have a good idea of how much previous clients spent on their kitchen remodels, and the resulting increase in home value. Consider offering the agent a flat fee for their opinion if you have no intent on selling.

To summarize, a kitchen remodeling project can greatly increase the value of your home, and make it sell faster. Return on investment may, or may not be important to you depending on if the project is for your own satisfaction or for selling the home. But do be carefull that your project does not price your home out of the neighborhood.

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